What’s been going on with me. OI! Quite a lot lately.

Last Saturday night, Hubs was in an accident. He’s fine. And no, I’m not at liberty to discuss it. Per his request. (So the nibby person can stop asking-Thank YOU!) 😛

Last week I was out of work, and driving back and forth to visit him at the hospital. I remember how much when I was inpatient at a hospital,  how I felt when I didn’t have a visitor daily. So… Yeah! 🙂

Anywho, I’ve been letting people know I’m okay, by keeping up on my daily calendar posts.  And Thank you, Skeen!! He’s my source for those calendar posts!! He’s an awesome friend, and great with the virtual hugs and support I need!! You are Awesome!! 😀 xoxoxo

To my friends on FB, and Happier, thank you! You have no idea how much your support last week and through the weekend meant to me. Some of you kept me saner than others. And some of you got me to giggle, always appreciated! Ya’ll are Awesome!! 😀 xoxoxoxo

I’m grateful for my ‘true‘ friends!

Be careful out there, here in Indiana the road conditions can go from okay to treacherous in a moment. So pay attention, keep your cell phones out of your hands, and let the incoming calls go to voice mail.

stay warm! Have an awesome day! 😀