Friday, the 21st of February, 2014 is the 52th day in 2014 and in the 8th calendar week

International Mother Language Day
February 21, 2014 in the World

International Mother Language Day is an observance held annually on 21 February worldwide to promote awareness of linguistic and cultural diversity and multilingualism. It was first announced by UNESCO on 17 November 1999. Its observance was also formally recognized by the United Nations General Assembly in its resolution establishing 2008 as the International Year of Languages.[1]

International Mother Language Day has been observed every year since 2000 February to promote linguistic and cultural diversity and multilingualism. The date represents the day in 1952 when students demonstrating for recognition of their language, Bengali, as one of the two national languages of the then Pakistan, were shot and killed by police in Dhaka (near High Court), which is the capital of present day Bangladesh.

International Mother Language Day:

Where is Mother Language Day?

National Sticky Bun Day
February 21, 2014 in the USA

It’s National Sticky Bun Day! Sticky buns, also known as cinnamon rolls, are a delicious breakfast pastry made with leavened dough. Traditional recipes call for a glazed topping with pecans, maple syrup or honey, cinnamon, and butter.

The first people to add honey and nuts to their bread were the Ancient Egyptians. Glazed pastries have been popular ever since! German settlers in Pennsylvania created our modern-day sticky buns. The pastries were originally called “Schnecken” and are still considered a Philadelphia specialty.

Celebrate National Sticky Bun Day by baking some fresh sticky buns to share with friends and family!

Where is National Sticky Bun Day?
Nationwide USA

Card Reading Day
February 21, 2014 in the World

Card Reading Day is a fun day. It’s a day to read cards….. no more, no less.

Even though the origins of this unique holiday are a bit tenuous, most believe it refers to greeting cards. So if you’re one of those sentimental people who save their greeting cards from year to year, today’s the day to get them out and enjoy the sentiment all over again.

As we did our research, we thought we’d find some history that suggest it is a day for Tarot card readings. It very well could be. But, we found no written evidence to support our theory.

What we can tell you, is that its very popular to send and receive cards today. In order to read a card, someone has to send one. So, get the ball rolling and send out some cards today. Chances are, you will get a few back.

Where is Card Reading Day?

Historical Events:

1245 – Thomas, the first known Bishop of Finland, is granted resignation after having confessed to torture and forgery.

1431 – England begins trial against Joan of Arc

1764 – John Wilkes thrown out of Engl House of Commons for “Essay on Women”

1795 – Freedom of worship established in France under constitution

1804 – 1st locomotive, Richard Trevithick’s, runs for 1st time, in Wales

1842 – 1st known sewing machine patented in US, John Greenough, Wash DC

1878 – 1st telephone book issued, 50 subscribers (New Harbor, Connecticut)

1916 – Battle of Verdun in WW I begins (1 million casualties)

1918 – The last Carolina parakeet dies in captivity at the Cincinnati Zoo.

1922 – Great Britain grants Egypt independence

1931 – Alka Seltzer introduced

1947 – 1st broadcast of 1st US TV soap opera “A Woman to Remember”

1952 – Bangladesh Martyrs Day (martyrs of Bengali Language Movement)

1953 – F Crick & J Watson discover structure of DNA-molecule

1964 – UK flies 24,000 rolls of Beatles wallpaper to US

1974 – Yugoslavia adopts constitution

1979 – 2 Iowa girls HS basketball teams play 4 scoreless quarters game was won 4-2 in 4th overtime period

1995 – RAF-pilot Jo Salter is 1st woman to fly in a tornado