Wednesday, the 16th of April, 2014 is the 106th day in 2014 and in the 16th calendar week.
National Stress Awareness Day
April 16, 2014 in the USA
National Stress Awareness Day takes place on April 16, 2014. The day was started by the Health Resource Network(HRN) in 1992 to raise awareness of stress. National Stress Awareness Day is a good chance to take a deep breath and relax. Much research has shown a negative effect stress has on the immune system, mostly through studies where participants were subjected to a variety of viruses. In one study, individuals caring for a spouse with dementia, representing the stress group, saw a significant decrease in immune response when given an influenza-virus vaccine compared to a non-stressed control group. Chronic stress takes a more significant toll on your body than acute stress does. It can raise blood pressure, increase the risk of heart attack and stroke, increase vulnerability to anxiety and depression, contribute to infertility, and hasten the aging process. For example, results of one study demonstrated that individuals who reported relationship conflict lasting one month or longer have a greater risk of developing illness and show slower wound healing.
Where is National Stress Awareness Day?
Nationwide USA
National Wear Your Pajamas To Work Day
April 16, 2014 in the USA
Today is National Wear Your Pajamas to Work Day! How many times have you just wanted to roll out of bed and head into work in your cozy, comfortable pajamas? Well, today you can!
National Wear Your Pajamas to Work Day is exactly what it sounds like—a day dedicated to wearing your pajamas to work. This holiday always falls on the weekday after taxes are due because an ultra-casual day is the perfect way to recover. Just make sure to check your schedule to make sure you don’t have any big meetings planned!
Sport your favorite PJs to the office today to join in the fun!
Where is National Wear Your Pajamas To Work Day?
Nationwide USA
National Librarian Day
April 16, 2014 in the USA
National Librarian Day is celebrated on April 16, 2014. It honors all librarians. A librarian is a person who works professionally in a library, and is usually trained in librarianship. The role of a librarian is continuously evolving to meet social and technological needs. However, a modern librarian may deal with information in many formats, including books, magazines, newspapers, audio recordings (both musical and spoken-word), video recordings, maps, manuscripts, photographs and other graphic material, bibliographic databases, web searching, and digital resources. A librarian may provide other information services, including computer provision and training, coordination of public programs, basic literacy education, assistive equipment for people with disabilities, and help with finding and using community resources.
Where is National Librarian Day?
Nationwide USA
National Bookmobile Day
April 16, 2014 in the USA
Today is National Bookmobile Day! A bookmobile is a truck, van, or trailer serving as a mobile library. Today we honor the nation’s bookmobiles for providing access to books, electronic equipment, and information to the communities, as well as the professionals that provide these services. There were 696 bookmobiles as of 2011, and bookmobiles continue to be an important part of library services.
The first bookmobile started in 1905 by Mary Lemist Titcomb in Maryland. Titcomb saw a need to expand library services beyond the main library location and into homes across the rural area. She then created a “Library Wagon”; a horse-drawn wagon that visited farms and schools. The first motorized bookmobile started in 1912, and made further visits to senior citizen centers and schools. Today, National Bookmobile Day is coordinated by the ALA Office for Literacy and Outreach Services (OLOS), the Association of Bookmobile and Outreach Services (ABOS), and the Association for Rural & Small Libraries (ARSL).
For over 100 years, bookmobiles have provided library services to those who may not otherwise have access to one. Celebrate National Bookmobile Day by visiting your local library or bookmobile to grab a new book to read and thank your community staff!
Where is National Bookmobile Day?
Nationwide USA
National Eggs Benedict Day
April 16, 2014 in the USA
National Eggs Benedict Day is observed on April 16, 2014. It’s a day to enjoy eggs with hollandaise sauce, english muffins and canadian bacon. Lemuel Benedict, a retired Wall Street stock broker, claimed that he had wandered into the Waldorf Hotel in 1894 and, hoping to find a cure for his morning hangover, ordered “buttered toast, poached eggs, crisp bacon, and a hooker of hollandaise.”
Oscar Tschirky, the famed maître d’hôtel, was so impressed with the dish that he put it on the breakfast and luncheon menus but substituted ham for the bacon and a toasted English muffin for the toast.
Another account comes from a man named Edward P. Montgomery. In 1967 he wrote a letter to The New York Times Magazine claiming that he’d discovered the true inventor of Eggs Benedict. Montgomery’s note contained a recipe created by Commodore E.C. Benedict before his death in 1920. Montgomery received the recipe from his mother who was an acquaintance of the Commodore.
Regardless of where the recipe for Eggs Benedict originated, it is now considered a classic. Enjoy this delicious dish for breakfast, lunch, or dinner today to celebrate National Eggs Benedict Day!
Where is National Eggs Benedict Day?
Nationwide USA
Historical Events:
1178 BC – A solar eclipse may have marked the return of Odysseus, legendary King of Ithaca, to his kingdom after the Trojan War.
73 – Masada, a Jewish fortress, falls to the Romans after several months of siege, ending the Jewish Revolt.
1346 – The Serbian Empire is proclaimed in Skopje at an Easter assembly and Stephen Uroš IV Dušan crowned Emperor over much of the Balkans.
1582 – Spanish conquistador Hernando de Lerma founds the settlement of Salta, Argentina.
1746 – Battle of Culloden, the last battle on British soil: Royalist troops under the Duke of Cumberland defeat the Jacobite army.
1854 – San Salvador destroyed by earthquake
1869 – Ebenezer Bassett, 1st US Negro diplomat, begins service in Haiti
1871 – German Empire ends all anti-Jewish civil restrictions
1917 – Lenin returns to Russia to start Bolshevik Revolution
1924 – Child labor laws strengthened in Holland
1940 – 1st televised baseball game, WGN-TV, (White Sox vs Cubs exhibition)
1943 – Dr. Albert Hofmann discovers the psychedelic effects of LSD.
1948 – Organization for European Economic Cooperation (EEC) forms in Paris
1956 – 1st solar powered radios go on sale
1962 – Brazil nationalizes US businesses
1975 – Cambodian Red Khmer occupy Phnom Penh
1982 – Queen Elizabeth proclaims Canada’s new constitution
1989 – Berendrechtsluis opens in Antwerp, biggest flood lock in world