Sunday, the 27th of April, 2014 is the 117th day in 2014 and in the 17th calendar week.

Freedom Day in South Africa
April 27, 2014 in South Africa

Freedom Day in South Africa is observed on April 27, 2014. Freedom Day is a South African public holiday. It celebrates freedom and commemorates the first post-apartheid elections held on that day in 1994. They were the first national elections in South Africa in which the franchise did not depend upon race.

Freedom Day – 27 April:

Where is Freedom Day in South Africa?
Nationwide South Africa

Veterans’ day in Finland
April 27, 2014 in Finland

National veterans’ day in Finland is observed on April 27, 2014. National veterans’ day is a remembrance day for all the war veterans in Finland. On 27th April, 1945, the very last German troops had left Finland and crossed the German occupied Norwegian border in the municipality of Enontekiö and the Finnish defence forces achieved the three-country border of German occupied Norway, neutral Sweden and Finland.

Where is National veterans’ day in Finland?
Nationwide Finland

UnFreedom Day 2014
April 27, 2014 in South Africa

UnFreedom Day is observed on April 27, 2014. UnFreedom Day is an unofficial South African holiday or day of mourning. UnFreedom Day is planned to coincide with the official South African holiday called Freedom Day, an annual celebration of South Africa’s first non-racial democratic elections of 1994. UnFreedom Day was started by Abahlali baseMjondolo in Durban and has become a day of education in which films, discussions and performances play a major role. The theme of the day is to demonstrate that the poor are still not free in South Africa.

Where is UnFreedom Day?
Nationwide South Africa

World Graphics Day
April 27, 2014 in the World

World Graphics Day is observed on April 27, 2014. The day was established by the International Council of Graphic Design Associations (Icograda), which was founded on April 27, 1963. World Graphics Day – also called World Graphic Design Day – is a chance to recognize communication design and its role in the world.

Graphic design is a creative process, one most often involving a client and a designer, and traditionally completed in conjunction with producers of form. Graphic design is undertaken to convey a specific message to a targeted audience, usually from the client, known as the ‘brief’. The term “graphic design” can also refer to a number of artistic and professional disciplines that focus on visual communication and presentation.

Various methods are used to create and combine words, symbols, and images to create a visual representation of ideas and messages. A graphic designer may use a combination of typography, visual arts and page layout techniques to produce a balanced, focused and symmetrical final result.

Where is World Graphics Day?

Tell a Story Day
April 27, 2014 in the USA

Tell a Story Day is celebrated on April 27, 2014. In the U.S., it celebrates story-telling of all kinds. Libraries celebrate this day with story telling hours for kids. Storytelling is the conveying of events in words, images, and sounds, often by improvisation or embellishment. Stories or narratives have been shared in every culture as a means of entertainment, education, cultural preservation, and to instill moral values. Crucial elements of stories and storytelling include plot, characters, and narrative point of view.

Where is Tell a Story Day?
Nationwide USA

National Prime Rib Day
April 27, 2014 in the USA

National Prime Rib Day is observed on April 27, 2014. It’s a day to enjoy one of America’s favorite steaks. A prime rib, also known as standing rib roast, is a cut of beef from the primal rib, which is one of the eight primal cuts of beef. A slice of standing rib roast will include portions of the so-called “eye” of the rib as well as the outer, fat-marbled muscle known as the “lip” or “cap”.

The traditional preparation for a standing rib roast is to rub the outside of the roast with salt and seasonings and slow-roast with dry heat. In the United States, it is common for barbecue purists to apply smoke to the uncooked rib roast at low heat for two to three hours before dry roasting.

To cook your own prime rib, begin by removing the extra fat from the bottom of the roast. Combine 1/2 cup chopped fresh parsley, 1/2 cup fresh rosemary, 1/2 cup fresh tarragon, 1/4 cup fresh thyme, and salt and pepper in a bowl. Add 1/4 cup of olive oil. Coat the meat with the herb mixture and then cook at 325 degrees for about 2 1/2 hours (or until the internal temperature reaches 120 degrees). Allow the prime rib to rest for 10 minutes before serving.

Where is National Prime Rib Day?
Nationwide USA

Historical Events:

1124 – David I becomes King of Scots.

1526 – Mogol King Babur beats sultan of Delhi

1565 – 1st Spanish settlement in Philippines, Cebu City, forms

1667 – The blind and impoverished, John Milton sells the copyright of Paradise Lost for £10.

1773 – British Parliament passes Tea Act (Boston won’t like this)

1813 – Americans under Gen Pike capture Toronto; Pike is killed

1865 – Steamboat “SS Sultana” explodes in the Mississippi River, killing up to 1,800 of the 2,427 passengers in the greatest maritime disaster in United States history. Most were paroled Union POWs on their way home.

1920 – Pogrom leader Petljoera declares Ukraine Independence

1940 – Himmler orders establishment of Auschwitz Concentration Camp

1950 – South Africa passes Group Areas Act segregating races

1961 – Sierra Leone declares independence from UK

1977 – Bloody riots in Soweto South Africa

1981 – Xerox PARC introduces the computer mouse.

1989 – Beijing students take over Tiananmen Square in China

1992 – Betty Boothroyd becomes the first woman to be elected Speaker of the British House of Commons in its 700-year history.