Thursday, the 1st of May, 2014 is the 121th day in 2014 and in the 18th calendar week.
Global Love Day
May 1, 2014 in the World
Global Love Day (GLD) is an annual celebration of humanity which is celebrated in countries and communities around the world each May 1. The name and concept of Global Love Day was pioneered by Harold W. Becker in 2003 and first launched for May 1, 2004. The annual event was created as a way to celebrate our humanity and unity through unconditional love. In his opening letter, Becker stated, “There is nothing we have to ultimately do, rather we need only allow ourselves to feel and be love. It is that simple. Global Love Day is merely our way of saying let’s remember love is ours to be and to share every moment of our lives.”
The six tenets of Global Love Day are:
-We are one humanity on this planet.
-All life is interconnected and interdependent. All share in the Universal bond of love.
-Love begins with self acceptance and forgiveness. With respect and compassion we embrace diversity.
-Together we make a difference through love.
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May Day 2014
May 1, 2014 in the World
May Day occurs on May 1st and refers to several public holidays. In many countries, May Day is synonymous with International Workers’ Day, or Labour Day, a day of political demonstrations and celebrations organised by unions and other groups. May Day is also a traditional holiday in many cultures.
May Day is related to the Celtic festival of Beltane and the Germanic festival of Walpurgis Night. May Day falls exactly half a year from November 1, another cross-quarter day which is also associated with various northern European pagan and neopagan festivals such as Samhain. May Day marks the end of the winter half of the year in the Northern hemisphere, and it has traditionally been an occasion for popular and often raucous celebrations.
As Europe became Christianized, the pagan holidays either lost their religious character and became popular secular celebrations, as with May Day, or they were merged with or replaced by new Christian holidays such as Christmas, Easter and All Saints’ Day. In the 20th Century many neopagans began reconstructing the old traditions and celebrating May Day as a pagan religious festival again.
May Day can refer to various labour celebrations conducted on May 1st that commemorate the fight for the eight-hour day. May Day in this regard is called International Workers’ Day, or Labour Day. The idea for a “workers holiday” began in Australia in 1856; after a Stonemason’s victory, April 22nd was “Eight-Hour Day”, a public holiday. With the idea having spread around the world, the choice of May 1st became a commemoration by the Second International for the people involved in the 1886 Haymarket affair.
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International Workers’ Day
May 1, 2014 in the World
International Workers’ Day (also known as May Day) is a celebration of the international labour movement and left-wing movements. It commonly sees organized street demonstrations and marches by working people and their labour unions throughout most of the world. May 1 is a national holiday in more than 80 countries. It is also celebrated unofficially in many other countries.
International Workers’ Day is the commemoration of the 1886 Haymarket Massacre in Chicago, when Chicago police fired on workers during a general strike for the eight hour workday, killing several demonstrators and resulting in the deaths of several police officers, largely from friendly fire. In 1889, the first congress of the Second International, meeting in Paris for the centennial of the French Revolution and the Exposition Universelle, following a proposal by Raymond Lavigne, called for international demonstrations on the 1890 anniversary of the Chicago protests. May Day was formally recognized as an annual event at the International’s second congress in 1891.
In many countries, the working classes sought to make May Day an official holiday, and their efforts largely succeeded. May Day has long been a focal point for demonstrations by various socialist, communist and anarchist groups. In some circles, bonfires are lit in commemoration of the Haymarket martyrs, usually at dawn. May Day has been an important official holiday in Communist countries such as the People’s Republic of China, Cuba and the former Soviet Union. May Day celebrations typically feature elaborate popular and military parades in these countries.
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Law Day, U.S.A.
May 1, 2014 in the USA
In 1958, President Eisenhower stated that the May Day celebrations of workers’ rights were communist, and created a new holiday called Law Day to take its place.  Every president since then has issued an annual Law Day proclamation. In 1961, May 1 was designated by joint resolution of Congress as the official date for celebrating Law Day.
It is meant to reflect on the role of law in the foundation of the country and to recognize its importance for society.
Where is Law Day, U.S.A.?
Nationwide USA
Loyalty Day 2014
May 1, 2014 in the USA
Loyalty Day is observed on May 01, 2014. Loyalty Day is observed in the United States. It is a day set aside for the reaffirmation of loyalty to the United States and for the recognition of the heritage of American freedom. The holiday was first observed in 1921 as “Americanization Day,” and was intended to counterbalance the celebration of Labour Day on May Day (May 1), an internationally celebrated holiday for the commemoration of the Haymarket Massacre in Chicago in 1886. Loyalty Day is celebrated with parades and ceremonies in several U.S. communities, like Batavia, Illinois, although many people in the United States remain unaware of it. Although a legal holiday, it is not a federal holiday, and is not commonly observed.
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Nationwide USA
Save the Rhino Day
May 1, 2014 in the World
Save the Rhino Day is celebrated on May 01, 2014. The day serves to draw attention to the plight of the Rhinoceros in the wild. It is the fifth largest land animal. The genus contains two species, the Indian Rhinoceros and the Javan Rhinoceros. Although both members are endangered, the Javan Rhinoceros is one of the most endangered large mammals in the world with only 60 individuals surviving in Java. The Indian rhinoceros once ranged throughout the entire stretch of the Indo-Gangetic Plain but excessive hunting reduced the natural habitat drastically. Today, about 3,000 rhinos live in the wild, 2,000 of which are found in India’s Assam alone.
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Maharashtra Day
May 1, 2014 in Maharashtra
Maharashtra Day is celebrated on May 01, 2014. Maharashtra Day, commonly known as Maharashtra Din in Marathi language, is a state holiday in Maharashtra, India commemorating the formation of the state of Maharashtra from the division of the Bombay State on 1 May 1960. Maharashtra Day is commonly associated with parades and political speeches and ceremonies, in addition to various other public and private events celebrating the history and traditions of Maharashtra.
Where is Maharashtra Day?
Nationwide Maharashtra
Mother Goose Day
May 1, 2014 in the World
Mother Goose Day is observed on May 01, 2014. Mother Goose Day was founded in 1987 by Gloria T. Delamar in tandem with the publication of her book, “Mother Goose; From Nursery to Literature”. It is a day to appreciate nursery rhymes and stories. The familiar figure of Mother Goose is an imaginary author of a collection of fairy tales and nursery rhymes which are often published as Mother Goose Rhymes. As a character, she appears in one “nursery rhyme”. Mother Goose is generally depicted in literature and book illustration as an elderly country woman in a tall hat and shawl, a costume identical to the peasant costume worn in Wales in the early 20th century, but is sometimes depicted as a goose, usually wearing a bonnet.
Where is Mother Goose Day?
National Day of Prayer
May 1, 2014 in the USA
National Day of Prayer is observed on May 01, 2014. The National Day of Prayer is an annual day of observance held on the first Thursday of May, designated by the United States Congress, when people are asked “to turn to God in prayer and meditation”. Each year, the president signs a proclamation, encouraging all Americans to pray on this day. The modern law formalizing its annual observance was enacted in 1952, although it has historical origins to a mandate by George Washington, the first president of the United States.
Where is National Day of Prayer?
Nationwide USA
National Day of Reason
May 1, 2014 in the USA
National Day of Reason is celebrated on May 01, 2014. The National Day of Reason is a secular celebration for humanists, atheists, and other secularists and freethinkers in response to the National Day of Prayer, a legal holiday in the United States. The day is celebrated on the first Thursday in May of every year, to coincide with the National Day of Prayer, which many atheist and secular groups view to be unconstitutional.
Where is National Day of Reason?
Nationwide USA
Historical Events:
1006 – Supernova observed by Chinese & Egyptians in constellation Lupus
1328 – Wars of Scottish Independence end: Treaty of Edinburgh-Northampton – the Kingdom of England recognises the Kingdom of Scotland as an independent state.
1703 – Battle at Rultusk: Swedish army beats Russians
1707 – England, Wales & Scotland form United Kingdom of Great Britain
1776 – Adam Weishaupt founds secret society of Illuminati
1785 – Kamehameha, the king of Hawai?i defeats Kalanikupule and establishes the Kingdom of Hawai?i
1853 – Argentina adopts its constitution
1883 – “Buffalo Bill” Cody put on his 1st Wild West Show
1886 – US general strike for 8-hour working day begins
1889 – 2nd International Congress calls for 1st International Workers Day 1st May 1890 to mark protests in Chicago in 1886
1889 – Bayer introduces aspirin in powder form (Germany)
1909 – Netherlands begins unity with Belgium
1919 – Mount Kelud (Indonesia) erupts, boiling crater lake which broke through crater wall killing 5,000 people in 104 small villages
1929 – Police kill 19 Mayday demonstrators in Berlin
1931 – Empire State Building opens in NYC
1939 – Batman comics hit street
1941 – General Mills introduces Cheerios
1948 – North Korea proclaims itself People’s Democratic Republic of Korea
1952 – Mr Potato Head introduced
1956 – A doctor in Japan reports an “epidemic of an unknown disease of the central nervous system”, marking the official discovery of Minamata disease.
1986 – Tass reports Chernobyl nuclear power plant mishap
1997 – Tasmania becomes the last state in Australia to decriminalize homosexuality.