Some days life is so much fun! 😀 I’m on the Happier app now, and I’m loving the positivity and lack of drama llamas! 😀

I’ve gone and changed up my hair style and totally loving it! 😀


and then I had an injury happen last week, nothing that bad. Just really annoying! Crutches SUCK! lol 😛 I’m walking slower than a turtle. I like to think faster than a snail, but that’s debatable. lol My under the desk keyboard shelf fell and cracked me on the right (good) knee. And it was contused. I got a lovely pain shot on Thursday and then I went loopy! Hubs got me home and situated in bed, and I don’t remember anything until I woke up on Friday!

On Friday I finally drove hubs bazonkers! So he called Ulta and talked to one of my colorists to get in me in “NOW! Please!” lol so woohoo my hair got the second phase done on Friday-look at the pic of me in the right gutter! ta*da! 😀 I’m cute! lol


Saturday I drove hubs into work at 3 am and then stayed awake till I ran a few errands, which is so much fun with crutches and rude people that let doors slam into you. Yeah, seriously! So I finally got a package mailed, and my application fee to retake my exam. woohoo! And then I went home and lazed about; Eureka, art and some pre-writing, aka research for a story. 😀

Sunday I just lazed about all day, woohooo for Eureka!!! LOL 😀


And today, I’m at work. Minus the crutches, I have my cane and I’m relying heavily on it too! Owies! But I’m here!!

Hope ya’ll have a beautiful day!

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