Question; How would you feel if you read and saw pix on FB about a sibling that got married?

Now then how would you feel when reading and seeing the pix about the wedding and realized every other family member was there, except YOU! 😦


yeah! I know, most people think I’m a Vulcan and have no emotions. Most people think I’m a bitch. Okay, I am logical and I stand up for myself. So I get that. However…. I am deeply hurt. Seriously, I love my siblings no matter what. I eloped with Hubs, but after I informed everyone of our decision and why. Which if they eloped no big deal, I’m happy that they are married! YES I AM! where I’m hurt… is not being invited. And this is the sibling and his ‘wife’ that came to visit me when I was in the hospital from my heart attack. So I don’t understand.

Yes, I am quite busy with work, and have my health issues, but really?! I would have been there for THIS!


so… now what to do? Pretend like I’m not incredibly hurt? Which so far I’m doing okay with… NOT! I was a little passive aggressive on my FB wall the other day, but okay. I’ve seen far worse.


anywho, this won’t keep me down long, it hurts, it really hurts and I can still cry over it. But. It’s time to channel this into something creative. So I’ve started writing, and I’ll be installing some software and hardware this weekend. I’m planning a Maleficent Party! kinda appropriate, no? LOL 😛

Speaking of Hubs, He  is awesome! So he knows how much this is hurting me, and while out and about yesterday, he stopped by our favorite store and picked me up a Maleficent ‘Happy’ Package.

I’m wearing the tee with my jeans today at work, and I’m looking for the horns next! LOL 😀

Everyone always thinks the ‘wicked’ witch is evil, why? Do you know why she’s ‘wicked’? Perhaps it’s something that was done to her and she perceived it wrong. Ya know like not being invited to a family event??? Just a thought…

maleficent-hot-topic-3-MTT Maleficent-Shirt- Maleficent-Basic-Fashion-Doll-Package-NEW