Saturday, the 24th of May, 2014 is the 144th day in 2014 and in the 21st calendar week.

General Events:

Independence Day of Eritrea
May 24, 2014 in Eritrea

Independence Day of Eritrea is celebrated on May 24, 2014. Independence Day of Eritrea is the most important National Holiday in Eritrea. It is observed every year. On this day in 1991, Eritrean People’s Liberation Front forces moved into the capitol Asmara, re-instating independence, following a severe 30 years battle against Ethiopian army regime. Eritrea Independence Day is a public holiday and is day off from work.

Where is Independence Day of Eritrea?
Nationwide Eritrea

Bermuda Day 2014
May 24, 2014 in Bermuda

Bermuda Day is a public holiday in the archipelago of Bermuda. Previously known as Victoria Day, Empire Day, and Commonwealth Day, Bermuda Day is more than a holiday to celebrate our 405 years of history. Around this time of year, our water and air temperatures jump significantly, and the celebration marks the first day of the year when Bermudians find it acceptable to swim in the ocean. It’s also the first day when Bermuda shorts are worn as business attire.

To observe this public holiday, a march past is held in Hamilton. A road race is also organized from the western corner of the island into Hamilton. These occasions are quite famous as viewer attractions, and thousands line up on the thoroughfares of Hamilton to see the vibrant parade. Many Bermudians also book their places (certain parts of the streets) overnight to allow them to see the marchers and the floats.

The famous procession comprises a varied blend of conventional Bermuda pipe and drum bands, floats, Gombey dancers, singers, majorettes, and spokespersons of different regional associations.

Where is Bermuda Day?
Nationwide Bermuda

National Escargot Day
May 24, 2014 in the USA

Today is National Escargot Day! Escargot is a tasty appetizer made with land snails cooked in butter or wine. While the dish most likely originated in Ancient Roman times, escargot is usually associated with French cuisine. In fact, the French consume around 40,000 metric tons of snails each year!

In French culture, the snails are typically purged, killed, removed from their shells, and cooked, and then placed back into the shells with the butter and sauce for serving. Farms producing Helix aspersa for sale exist in Europe and in the United States.

Although escargot usually involves a very rich sauce, the snails themselves are actually quite good for you. The edible varieties are high in protein and low in fat.

If you’ve never tasted escargot, National Escargot Day is a great reason to give them a try! Bon appétit!

Where is National Escargot Day?
Nationwide USA

Historical Events:

1153 – Malcolm IV becomes King of Scots

1595 – Nomenclator of Leiden University Library appears, the first printed catalog of an institutional library.

1667 – French troops attack into Southern Netherlands

1726 – -26] People’s revolt due to increase in gin/brandy tax

1738 – John Wesley is converted, essentially launching the Methodist movement; the day is celebrated annually by Methodists as Aldersgate Day.

1798 – Irish Rebellion of 1798 led by the United Irishmen against British rule begins.

1830 – “Mary Had A Little Lamb” is published

1844 – Samuel Morse taps out “What hath God wrought” (1st telegraph message)

1856 – Pottawatomie Massacre took place in Kansas

1862 – Westminster Bridge across Thames opens

1881 – Canadian ferry Princess Victoria sinks near London Ontario, 200 die

1883 – Brooklyn Bridge opened by Pres Arthur & Gov Cleveland

1902 – Empire Day 1st celebrated in Britain

1915 – Thomas Edison invents telescribe to record telephone conversations

1921 – 1st parliament for Northern Ireland elected

1941 – Bismarck sinks British battle cruiser HMS Hood; 1,416 die, 3 survive

1954 – IBM announces vacuum tube “electronic” brain that could perform 10 million operations an hour

1968 – FLQ separatists bomb the U.S. consulate in Quebec City.

1980 – Iran rejects a call to World Court to release US hostages

1993 – Eritrea achieved independence from Ethiopia after 30-year civil war

2000 – Israeli troops withdraw from southern Lebanon after 22 years of occupation.