Okay so I’m a friendly person and own or belong to some groups on facebook. And omg one of them wants us to STOP liking posts, as they are getting to many email notifications in their inbox. UMMMM! Turn OFF the freaking notifications, problem solved. Well not according to the same people that are complaining. Really? Maybe you didn’t do it right, cause I don’t get notifications from facebook. OI VEY!

Now I’m a smart ass and um yeah, passive aggressive so I’ve been liking every freaking post and comment. LOL

The other solution; I’m probably going to drop this group, cause I don’t need the drama!


People if you start a group, not everyone is going to be able to participate for one reason or another, at least they are participating by ‘liking’ stuff. If YOU don’t like the email notifications, well turn the damn things off, if you’re still getting them, um write the help desk! honestly that’s your problem NOT MINE!

okay venting done!! thanks!!!  Seriously, I had to get that out. Especially when I noticed I’m being passive aggressive LOL 😛


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