Lots going on in my lil corner of the web. It’s been not only a full moon, but a Friday the thirteenth full moon. Whooooo!

In other news after some poking at the doctor’s, I went and got my hair done. Yes, again. It’s definitely platinum now with chocolate under. 😀 I like it!

The seminar went really well, and it did spark my memory. OI! I think I’m finally starting to get some of that back. That makes me happy! I’m still finding it difficult to multitask like I used to, but I’m learning other ways of doing things. So it’s not that bad and it could be much worse. Look for the silver lining. 😀

ooooh and our 15 year anniversary is this Friday! Awesome!!! We have no idea if we’ll do anything that day or not, I ensured I have it off, but unfortunately he didn’t. But I think he’s working a day shift, so we could still do something for dinner.  I know, I could cook dinner. Okay stop laughing- I can cook- I just don’t like to. LOL

I’ve been feeling the muse again, and I really need to do some software updates on the home computer. I miss my hobby of painting, and creating in Photoshop. So I might try to get that done on Friday. We’ll have to see.

Anywho, I wanted to write a lil something, it’s been a while since I’ve written a blog entry, just haven’t been feeling it. I hope everyone has had a lovely Spring and almost Summer. LOL Saturday is the official day of the start of Summer! woohoo! 😀

take care