Friday, the 4th of July, 2014 is the 185th day in 2014 and in the 27th calendar week.

General Events:

Independence Day
July 4, 2014 in the USA

Today is Independence Day! On this day in 1776, the Second Continental Congress adopted the Declaration of Independence. This historic document severed all ties with Great Britain and established many of our nation’s fundamental principles of freedom, including life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

One of the most enduring myths about Independence Day is that Congress signed the Declaration of Independence on July 4, 1776. The myth had become so firmly established that, decades after the event and nearing the end of their lives, even the elderly Thomas Jefferson and John Adams had come to believe that they and the other delegates had signed the Declaration on the fourth. Most delegates actually signed the Declaration on August 2, 1776. In a remarkable series of coincidences, both John Adams and Thomas Jefferson, two founding fathers of the United States and the only two men who signed the Declaration of Independence to become president, died on the same day: July 4, 1826, which was the United States’ 50th anniversary.

Independence Day is commonly associated with fireworks, parades, barbecues, carnivals, fairs, picnics, concerts, baseball games, political speeches and ceremonies, and various other public and private events celebrating the history, government, and traditions of the United States. Independence Day is the national day of the United States

To celebrate the 4th of July, host a cookout, or watch your local fireworks display! Happy Birthday, America!

The Story of the Fourth of July:

Where is Independence Day?
Nationwide USA

Sidewalk Egg Frying Day
July 4, 2014 in the World

The origins for this special day can be attributed to the old saying, “It’s so hot you could fry an egg on the sidewalk,” which dates to at least 1899. Sidewalk Egg Frying Day is great fun for the kids and presents an excellent opportunity to teach them about the benefits and usefulness of solar energy. The city of Oatman, Ariz., hosts a solar egg frying contest each year on July 4 that allows essential kitchen aids like reflectors, magnifying glasses and mirrors to maximize the heat.

As we thought about this day, we realized many of you will now rush out under the hot noonday sun to fry some eggs on your sidewalk. Once you do so, who will eat it!?

Where is Sidewalk Egg Frying Day?

Tom Sawyer Days/National Fence Painting Day
July 4, 2014 in the USA

National Tom Sawyer Days is celebrated annually, organized by the Hannibal Chamber of Commerce in Hannibal, Missouri in the United States. In the town, National Tom Sawyer Days and the fourth of July are celebrated at the same time. Hannibal is the hometown of the famous author Mark Twain, the writer of The Adventures of Tom Sawyer. Many local Tom fans or some other fans from all over the world are attracted by the big parade float, flea market, carnival for children. What is more, the fans can enter a no speed-limited car competition and a Mud Volleyball Tournament.

Celebrated most widely in Hannibal, Mo., National Fence Painting Day pays homage to the ingenuity and enterprise of Twain’s popular young character, Tom Sawyer. The festivities are highlighted by a fence-painting contest that has been held annually since 1956. Now sanctioned by Congress, the event is referred to as the “World Series of Whitewashing.”

Where is National Tom Sawyer Days?
Nationwide USA

Historical Events:

1054 – Brightest known super-nova (Crab Nebula) starts shining (23 days)

1301 – Battle at Breukelen: Holland vs Lichtenberg

1634 – The city of Trois-Rivières is founded in New France, later to become the Canadian province of Quebec.

1708 – Swedish King Karel XII beats Russians

1776 – US congress proclaims the Declaration of Independence and independence from Britain

1796 – 1st Independence Day celebration is held

1837 – Grand Junction Railway, the world’s first long-distance railway, opens between Birmingham and Liverpool.

1838 – Huskar Colliery Mining Disaster in Silkstone England: Mining pit floods during a rainstorm drowning 26 children, leads to the 1842 commission on the employment of children and women in mines which resulted in the banning of female and child labour underground

1862 – Lewis Carroll creates Alice in Wonderland for Alice P Liddell

1865 – 1st edition of “Alice in Wonderland” is published

1884 – Statue of Liberty presented to US in Paris

1894 – Elwood Haynes successfully tests one of 1st US autos at 6 MPH

1906 – Gr Brit, France & Italy grant Independence to Ethiopia

1934 – Leo Szilard patents the chain-reaction design for the atomic bomb.

1946 – Philippines gains independence from US

1959 – Cayman Islands separated from Jamaica, made a crown colony

1976 – Raid on Entebbe-Israel rescues 229 Air France passengers

1985 – Tinker Bell’s nightly flight begins

1996 – Hot Mail, a free internet E-mail service begins