Wednesday, the 16th of July, 2014 is the 197th day in 2014 and in the 29th calendar week.

British King Henry VI banned kissing in England on July 16, 1439, aiming to prevent the spread of a dreaded plague known as the Great Pestilence.

General Events:

World Snake Day
July 16, 2014 in the World

The very mention of snake creates a fear psychosis among many. But do you know that a majority of snakes are non-poisonous and harmless?

The 16th of July is celebrated as World Snake Day. Though a relatively obscure holiday with unclear origins, it is celebrated by wildlife enthusiasts the world over with great passion. Tributes sometimes even make the national news. Given human society’s age-old fascination with these beautiful but misunderstood creatures, a day to celebrate them seems only fair.

This holiday is celebrated both virtually and physically, bringing together snake-lovers to rejoice in their common wonder at the marvels of nature’s creation. In 1967 a Snake Farm was started in Texas, which was subsequently brought into popular culture in the 1970’s through a song by the famous rock band the Ramones. Since then, its tourist appeal has only grown, and it has become an irresistible stop for many travelers on road-trips in the area.

“There are 250 species of snakes identified in India as on the date. But only five species — king cobra, cobra, Russell’s Viper, Malabar pit viper, and common kraits — are venomous.

Regretting the superstitious beliefs prevailing even among educated people about snakes, he said it was sad that the creatures which were worshiped in the form of sculptures, fall victim to human agony. World Snake Day, is an ideal occasion to know and understand many things about these carnivorous reptiles, which are on the path of extinction mainly because of the myths and superstitions surrounding them.

An important contribution of World Snake Day is to the cause of conservation of a sometimes dangerous but mostly misrepresented reptile. Snakes live on every continent except Antarctica, and can vary from 32 feet long pythons to tiny vine snakes. Only about one-fourth of all snakes are venomous, and all of them would much rather avoid human contact if they could. Maximum snake bite incidents occur when humans inadvertently step on or otherwise disturb the peaceful creatures. World Snake Day, conservationists hope, can help remove people’s fears and illusions about snakes, and help them gain recognition as a marvelous adaptable apex species.

Where is World Snake Day?

International Juggling Day
July 16, 2014 in the World

International Jugglers Day celebrates the skill of juggling, and those talented people who can juggle many balls and objects at a time. Common objects include: balls, clubs, swords, plates, rings, and flaming sticks. The best jugglers can juggle up to ten balls at a time.

Juggling is a skill and form of entertainment that has been around for thousands and thousands of years. Some of the earliest recorded history supplies proof that juggling was around during the early days of civilized Man. Juggling is primarily entertainment. It is most well documented in Medieval times in Europe. It remains popular today. It can be most frequently seen when the circus comes to town.

Celebrate Juggling Day by watching a juggler at work. Better still, get several balls and give juggling a try.

You never know, you just might be a talented juggler!

Where is International Juggling Day?

Atomic Bomb Day
July 16, 2014 in the USA

On July 16, 1945, the Manhattan Project conducted the Trinity Test in New Mexico, the first atomic bomb detonation in history and the dawn of the Atomic Era. To commemorate that historic event, July 16 is “Atomic Bomb Day.”

Roosevelt did not want to risk a German monopoly on such a weapon and approved uranium research in October 1939. This decision was the first among many that culminated in the Manhattan Project, America’s top-secret project to develop the atomic bomb.

In a memorandum to the secretary of war, project leader Gen. Leslie Groves wrote that the detonation “was successful beyond the most optimistic expectations of anyone.”

Within a month of the test, on Aug. 6 and Aug. 9, the United States dropped atomic bombs on the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, respectively. This marked the only two times a nuclear weapon has been used in combat.

President Harry S. Truman addressed the nation 16 hours after the bombing of Hiroshima. “What has been done is the greatest achievement of organized science in history,” he said.

Where is Atomic Bomb Day?
Nationwide USA

National Corn Fritters Day
July 16, 2014 in the USA

It’s National Corn Fritters Day! Corn fritters are savory bites of fried or baked corn batter—a mixture made with corn, egg, flour, milk, and melted butter. These treats can be eaten alone, served as a side, or enjoyed with a topping like syrup, powdered sugar, or jam.

Although corn fritters originated in the South, many other cultures have come up with similar dishes. For example, in Asia “pakoras” are a popular snack. This dish is made with vegetables dipped in batter that are then deep-fried.

To celebrate National Corn Fritters Day, head to your local Southern-style restaurant or grab your frying pan to cook up some homemade fritters!

Where is National Corn Fritters Day?
Nationwide USA

Historical Events:

622 – Moslem Era begins-Mahomet begins flight from Mecca to Medina (Hejira)
622 – Origin of Islamic Era (Muharram 1, 1 AH)

1212 – Battle of Las Navas de Tolosa; end of Moslem power in Spain

1439 – Kissing is banned in England (to stop germs from spreading)

1519 – Public debate between Martin Luther & theologist John Eck atPleissenburg Castle in Liepzig, Luther denies the divine right of the Pope

1618 – Capt John Gilbert patents 1st dredger in Britain

1683 – Manchu/Chinese Qing Dynasty naval forces under commander Shi Lang defeat the Kingdom of Tungning in the Battle of Penghu near the Pescadores Islands.

1809 – The city of La Paz, in what is today Bolivia, declared its independence from Spanish Crown and formed the Junta Tuitiva, the first independent government in Spanish America, lead by Pedro Domingo Murillo.

1867 – D R Averill patents ready-mixed paint

1918 – A Bolshevik firing squad at Ekaterinburg, Siberia, executes Tsar Nicholas II of Russia and his family

1920 – China joins the League of Nations

1927 – Augusto Sandino begins 5½ year war against US occupation of Nicaragua

1945 – 1st test detonation of an atomic bomb, Trinity Site, Alamogordo, New Mexico

1945 – Cruiser Indianapolis leaves SF with atom bomb

1956 – Last Ringling Bros, Barnum & Bailey Circus under a canvas tent

1965 – Mount Blanc Road tunnel between France & Italy opens

1970 – Iraq’s constitution goes into effect

1979 – Premier/pres al-Bakr of Iraq is succeeded by Saddam Hussein

1990 – Ukraine declares independence

1994 – 1st parts of Comet Shoemaker-Levy hits Jupiter (until July 22nd)