Thursday, the 24th of July, 2014 is the 205th day in 2014 and in the 30th calendar week.
General Events:
Amelia Earhart Day
July 24, 2014 in the World
Amelia Earhart Day is celebrated on July 24, 2014. Amelia Mary Earhart (July 24, 1897 – disappeared July 2, 1937) was an American aviation pioneer and author. Earhart was the first aviatrix (female pilot) to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean. She received the U.S. Distinguished Flying Cross for this record. She set many other records, wrote best-selling books about her flying experiences and was instrumental in the formation of The Ninety-Nines, an organization for female pilots.
During an attempt to make a circumnavigational flight of the globe in 1937 in a Purdue-funded Lockheed Model 10 Electra, Earhart disappeared over the central Pacific Ocean near Howland Island. Fascination with her life, career and disappearance continues to this day.
Earhart was a widely known international celebrity during her lifetime. Her shyly charismatic appeal, independence, persistence, coolness under pressure, courage and goal-oriented career along with the circumstances of her disappearance at a comparatively early age have driven her lasting fame in popular culture. Hundreds of articles and scores of books have been written about her life which is often cited as a motivational tale, especially for girls. Earhart is generally regarded as a feminist icon.
Earhart’s accomplishments in aviation inspired a generation of female aviators, including the more than 1,000 women pilots of the Women Airforce Service Pilots (WASP) who ferried military aircraft, towed gliders, flew target practice aircraft, and served as transport pilots during World War II.
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Cousins Day 2014
July 24, 2014 in the World
Today is Cousins Day! This day is dedicated to the wonderful people who helped us endure all our family get-togethers and holidays. They were there to keep us company at the “kids table,” and for some of us, they were the siblings we never had.
Do you ever get confused by all the different types of cousins? There are first cousins, first cousins once or twice removed, second cousins, second cousins once or twice removed, and on and on!
Cousins Day is the perfect opportunity to thank your cousins for all that they do for you. To celebrate the occasion, find some time to chat over the phone and catch up, or make plans to spend the day together!
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Pioneer Day in Utah
July 24, 2014 in Utah
Pioneer Day in Utah is celebrated on July 24, 2014. Pioneer Day is an official holiday celebrated annually in the U.S. state of Utah, with some celebrations in regions of surrounding states originally settled by Mormon pioneers. It commemorates the entry of Brigham Young and the first group of Mormon pioneers into the Salt Lake Valley on July 24, 1847, where the Latter-day Saints settled after being forced from Nauvoo, Illinois, and other locations in the eastern United States. Parades, fireworks, rodeos, and other festivities help commemorate the event. Similar to July 4, most governmental offices and many businesses are closed on Pioneer Day.
Where is Pioneer Day in Utah?
Nationwide Utah
Historical Events:
1148 – Louis VII of France lays siege to Damascus during the Second Crusade.
1411 – Battle of Harlaw, one of the bloodiest battles in Scotland, takes place.
1487 – Citizens of Leeuwarden Neth rebel against ban on foreign beer
1534 – Jacques Cartier, lands in Canada, claims it for France
1567 – Mary Queen of Scots is forced to abdicate; her 1-year-old son becomes King James VI of Scots
1692 – French defeat William III of England at Steinkirk (Enghein)
1701 – Antoine de la Mothe Cadillac found trading post at Ft Pontchartrain, which later becomes the city of Detroit
1823 – Slavery is abolished in Chile.
1847 – Brigham Young & his Mormon followers arrive at Salt Lake City, UT
1847 – Rotary-type printing press patents by Richard March Hoe, NYC
1883 – Arabi Pasha declares a holy war in Egypt
1911 – Hiram Bingham discovers Lost City of the Incas
1925 – John Thomas Scopes found guilty of teaching evolution in a Tennessee HS, fined $100 & costs
1929 – President Hoover proclaims Kellogg-Briand Pact which renounces war
1937 – Alabama drops charges against 5 blacks accused of rape in Scottsboro
1938 – Instant coffee invented
1948 – Soviets blockades Berlin from west
1961 – Beginning of a trend, a US commercial plane is hijacked to Cuba
1972 – Jigme Singye Wangchuk becomes king of Bhutan at 16
1982 – Heavy rain causes a mudslide that destroys a bridge at Nagasaki, Japan, killing 299.
2001 – Simeon Saxe-Coburg-Gotha, the last Tsar of Bulgaria when he was a child, is sworn in as Prime Minister of Bulgaria, becoming the first monarch in history to regain political power through democratic election to a different office.