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Friday, the 25th of July, 2014 is the 206th day in 2014 and in the 30th calendar week.
General Events:
National Day of Galicia
July 25, 2014 in Galicia
National Day of Galicia takes place on July 25, 2014. Dia Nacional de Galicia (“National Day of Galicia”) is when the autonomous community of Galicia in Spain celebrates its national holiday. It is also called Día da Patria Galega (“Day of the Galician Fatherland”), or simply Día de Galicia (“Galicia Day”). Yet, the official full denomination is the “National Day of Galicia”, as established by the Galician government in 1979. The political and institutional activities are normally all based in Santiago de Compostela, and the day is an official public holiday celebrated with solemnity by the Galician government. Apart from that, a number of festivities take place from the night of the 24th until high hours in the morning of the 26th, celebrated by many.
Where is National Day of Galicia?
Nationwide Galicia
System Administrator Appreciation Day
July 25, 2014 in the World
The System Administrator Appreciation Day, also known as Sysadmin Day, SysAdminDay, SAD or SAAD takes place on July 25, 2014. It is a day to show appreciation for the work of sysadmins and other IT-workers. The day is celebrated annually on the last Friday in July. The Day was created by system administrator Ted Kekatos.
Ted Kekatos was inspired to create the special day by a Hewlett-Packard magazine advertisement in which a system administrator is presented with flowers and fruit-baskets by grateful co-workers as thanks for installing new printers. Kekatos had just installed several of the same model printer at his workplace. Many geek and Internet culture businesses also honor the holiday with special product offerings and contests. Various filk songs have been written to commemorate the day. The songs have reached a level of popularity where they are also covered by other performers.
A system administrator, IT systems administrator, systems administrator, or sysadmin is a person employed to maintain and operate a computer system and/or network. System administrators may be members of an information technology (IT) or Electronics and Communication Engineering department. The duties of a system administrator are wide-ranging, and vary widely from one organization to another. Sysadmins are usually charged with installing, supporting and maintaining servers or other computer systems, and planning for and responding to service outages and other problems.
Where is System Administrator Appreciation Day ?
Threading the Needle Day
July 25, 2014 in the World
Threading the needle has multiple meanings, from the practical meaning of taking thread and guiding it through the eye of a sewing needle, to a metaphorical one, referring to walking a fine line in an awkward social situation. Maybe you’re stuck between an argument of two friends or family members, at the dinner table, or worse, on Facebook. Practice your diplomatic skills by carefully navigating yourself out of the middle of an argument or disagreement that does not directly involve you.
* The phrase “between Scylla and Charybdis,” from Homer’s “The Odyssey,” refers to Homer’s challenge of sailing between two perils, Scylla and Charybdis, akin to the modern phrase, “between and rock and a hard place.”
* In billiards, “threading the needle” refers to precise shooting so an object ball is carefully shot through a narrow pathway according to Billiardsforum.
* The phrase is also used in football and basketball and it’s also a yoga pose.
Where is Threading the Needle Day?
National Merry-Go-Round Day
July 25, 2014 in the USA
Swans and tigers and bears, oh my! Animals, and not just horses, are a popular theme for merry-go-rounds and carousels. More than simple child’s play, the carousel is part of our cultural history. Some carousels are considered National Historic Landmarks. National Merry-Go-Round Day is a day to celebrate the simple carousel, found on boardwalks, museums and fairs around the United States.
?The earliest known depiction of the merry-go-round is in 500 A.D. in the Byzantine Empire, which depicts baskets, carrying riders, suspended from a central pole.
?Hessville, Ohio was the site of the first United States created merry-go-round.  It was created by Franz Wiesenhoffer during the 1840’s.
?July 25, 1871 – William Schneider of Davenport, Iowa patented the modern carousel
Where is National Merry-Go-Round Day?
Nationwide USA
National Hot Fudge Sundae Day
July 25, 2014 in the USA
Today is National Hot Fudge Sundae Day! A sundae is the perfect treat to enjoy on a summer night. The cold ice cream paired with a warm, chocolate topping is one of the most delicious combinations known to man. Add some nuts, whipped cream, and cherries on top and you’ve got yourself a world-famous dessert!
The Guinness Book of World Records has documented several record-setting sundaes. For example, the most expensive sundae can be ordered at Serendipity 3 in New York City for the hefty sum of $1000. In 2009, the Kids Club in Brunswick, Georgia created the world’s longest sundae. It measured over 130 feet long!
To celebrate National Hot Fudge Sundae Day, you don’t have to go to such great lengths. Just treat yourself to a scrumptious hot fudge sundae with all of your favorite toppings!
Where is National Hot Fudge Sundae Day?
Nationwide USA
Historical Events:
864 – The Edict of Pistres of Charles the Bald orders defensive measures against the Vikings.
1261 – Constantinople recaptured by Nicaean forces under Alexios Strategopoulos for Emperor Michael VIII, re-establishing Byzantine Empire.
1536 – Sebastián de Belalcázar on his search of El Dorado founds the City of Santiago de Cali.
1567 – Don Diego de Losada founds the city of Santiago de Leon de Caracas, modern-day Caracas, the capital city of Venezuela.
1603 – James VI of Scotland is crowned James I of English uniting kingdoms of England and Scotland
1797 – Horatio Nelson loses more than 300 men and his right arm during the failed conquest attempt of Tenerife (Spain).
1814 – Battle of Niagara Falls (Lundy’s Lane); Americans defeat British
1837 – The first commercial use of an electric telegraph was successfully demonstrated by William Cooke and Charles Wheatstone on 25 July 1837 between Euston and Camden Town in London.
1861 – Washington DC – Crittenden resolution is passed stating that the war is to be fought to preserve union & uphold the Constitution, not to alter slavery
1871 – Carousel patents by Wilhelm Schneider, Davenport, Iowa
1897 – Writer Jack London sails to join the Klondike Gold Rush where he will write his first successful stories.
1907 – Korea becomes a protectorate of Japan.
1908 – Ajinomoto is founded. Kikunae Ikeda of the Tokyo Imperial University discovers that a key ingredient in Konbu soup stock is monosodium glutamate (MSG), and patents a process for manufacturing it.
1917 – Sir Thomas Whyte introduces the first income tax in Canada as a “temporary” measure (lowest bracket is 4% and highest is 25%).
1923 – German mark devalued to 600,000 Mark=$1
1952 – Puerto Rico becomes a self-governing US commonwealth (Constitution Day)
1956 – Italian liner Andrea Doria sinks after colliding with the Stockholm
1963 – US, Russia & Britain sign nuclear Test ban treaty
1972 – US health officials concede blacks were used as guinea pigs in 40 year syphilis experiment
1978 – Louise Brown, the world’s first test tube baby is born at Oldham General Hospital England
1984 – Cosmonaut Svetlana Savitskaya becomes 1st woman to walk in space
1990 – US Ambassador tells Iraq, US won’t take sides in Iraq-Kuwait dispute
1994 – Jordan & Israeli end 46 year state of war (Wash DC)
from the awesome and adorable, Skeen!
•Only women can understand how a salad, diet drink, and a hot fudge sundae make a balanced lunch.
•An elderly man shuffled into an ice cream parlor with his crutches and carefully sat on a stool at the counter, wincing the whole time. After a moment of catching his breath and wiping his brow, he ordered a hot fudge sundae. Writing down his order, the waitress asked, “Crushed nuts?” The old man breathed wearily and replied, “No. It’s rheumatism.”
•I went into the ice cream parlor yesterday and asked the woman at the counter for a hot fudge sundae with extra hot fudge. The clerk replied, “Sorry. The hot fudge only comes in one temperature.”