Loads of stuff, not all happy, but not all bad either. Change is in the air.

This week specifically, Wednesday I get to say goodbye to a colleague and I do wish him well in his future endeavors. However I’m going to miss him badly at work. We make a great team. However I do understand why he’s leaving and why he’s moving. So it’s a mixed bag of emotions there. :p

This past weekend I was in a lot of fibro pain… couldn’t get comfortable no matter what. And to add to it, my right leg aka my good leg, is no longer good. The pain was off the charts, I iced it, I heated it, I elevated it, I took ibuprofen and nothing would alleviate the pain. I was about to knock myself out with a bat to the head. LOL I finally got it elevated enough, took my ibuprofen and iced the daylights outta of it, and was finally able to get some much needed sleep. Until it woke me up. OI! But as a friend once told me, pain is a good indication that I’m alive. So again, a mixed bag of emotions. It sucks, but… I just have to learn to live with it. :p

Today is Monday, and so far the weather doesn’t know whether it wants to rain or stay sunny. I went for a quick walk and it was sprinkling a little bit. And now the sun is back out. I know the humidity is off the charts. yuck. 😦 But at least it’s not snowing. Hey, it’s Indiana, I wouldn’t be surprised. LOL 😀

And as I said, my colleague is leaving and my work schedule is about to go wonky. Today and Tomorrow I work my normal shift, and then Wednesday and Thursday, who knows. I do have this Friday off, I have appointments that have been cancelled and rescheduled to many times to do it again.

So change is happening again, and once again, I’ll rise to it. It’s way more annoying and less productive to fight against it, and honestly, change can be beneficial. Perspective, it’s all about perspective. 😀

Have a great Monday!