LOL I forgot just how stressful my job is with just one of me doing it. 😛

Like I said earlier I’m happy for my colleague that has left and gone on to better stuff for him and his family. But O M G ! 

I feel validated because one of the on-call therapists came to see me this morning and said pretty much what I just did. It will be okay, it’s just a bit overwhelming when you’ve got people asking why can’t you do this, why did you do that, and what do you mean no? 

Yeah!! My blood sugar dropped pretty low yesterday, and I was two hours past my lunch time, thank goodness someone had some crackers for me and I keep a stash of emergency peanut butter. Otherwise I’d be in the ER myself. Yeah, it got kinda funky yesterday afternoon. And I keep on going, I should get points or something. LOL 😛  I know, it’s my job, I knew what I was getting into. I just forgot how it is by one’s self. Good news, my boss has been interviewing, YAY! so hopefully that means I get a new partner soon. 

Ya’ll take care! It truly is a beautiful day outside! 

1333951569103_1333951569103_r I think that cats are the Yoga Masters!! 😀 I know they know the art of zen! =^.^= meow