I prefer to use graphics when showing what I mean. Ah those days of working with the AV lab! lol 😛
Any who. You can see the drop down menu, and if you click on it, it takes you to all the cap posts that I will be posting, as part of that page.
However, they will show up in the main blog…. unless/until I can figure out how to back date them to an earlier time. I loved that option on the
old Blog City blog I used to have. I could then link to older entries on a newer page separate from the rest of the blog. That’s what I’m
trying to do here. And so far, not a lot of luck doing it. Oh well, I’m learning what wordpress is really capable of- helps when I go to
explain to someone why they should or shouldn’t blog with wordpress. Especially my friends that are wanting to do something
similar to my project. Yep! there is a method to my madness. LOL 😀 Ta*Da!


kav project