And if you want to snag it to use, please feel free to do so. It will be removed on 9/12 and updated with something more fall like.

And the storms are hitting us now in my area, and whoa! I almost had a cow sighting, but nope, just a poor widdle squirrel caught in the downpour and wind. We are under a tornado watch until ten o’clock CST. woo not hoo… Hubs texted me, neither one of us feels like cooking, so I’m stopping by the local bbq; 26 Smoke House Grill! I’ve rated them on facebook as a *****!  The food is good, the bbq sauce is phenomenal- which if you know me, I don’t like barbecue sauce and I ❤ theirs!!! 😀 The service is the best I’ve ever had from a locally owned restaurant. And their home made pies are mmm mmm mmmm yummy!!! I love their pumpkin pie! seriously good stuff! If you’re in or near Central Indiana, take a drive to Fairmount, they are right on highway 26, just about across from the Village Pantry at the four way stop light. 😀

I’m having this, minus the pickle. 😛

Pulled pork 26 smokehouse grill, fairmount, indiana