September Calendars have finally been completed!! And we have two this month- thank you to my #1 Minion, Bunneh Sue for the request of the Supernatural calendar! I hope you and the person you requested it for likes it. 🙂

Yesterday was a day of technology glitches- IMO! 😛  But I’m still thinking and working on my project too. I think I have a bit of a work-around. Not big…but still okay! 😀 I just need to find one of my mini external drives to save the stuff on one of my older blogs before deleting pretty much all the content. :0 yeah…pretty drastic. But… sometimes you have to destroy something to create something better. I know, I have a weird perspective on things.

And up next, hopefully the calendar of the day, and the image of the day! Enjoy your Wednesday! If you’re near the storms that I’ve seen, be careful and stay calm!! 😀 xoxo