aka I have got to get a few annoyances off my chest, writing is my coping skill. 🙂 and it’s a positive coping skill too. Once I write it out, I forget about it…. or don’t dwell on it anyways. 😉


So a few annoyances today…and one of these started on the Facebook yesterday, I took a sanity break, and have avoided it today as well. I had re-posted an interesting photo. unnamed (7)

And the next thing I see is a reply from someone that claims to be a feminist. Calling this woman a “Shameless Hussy.” Uh NO! Just NO. We get enough bad press/talk from the other gender, we don’t need it from our own. And then I had another woman send me a private message calling me a C __ t. Really? REALLY????  Yeah, I don’t take personal attacks well, so I reported them, sent a screencap of the PM from my phone, and then I removed them from my list. Honestly, I don’t have the time, or energy to deal with stupidity. And yes, I am calling them stupid! Because honestly…. think about this. *facepalms #1*

So I decide to take a sanity break from Facebook, still haven’t been on there today. It’s not a habit, or something that I need to do every day, it is for fun, and when it’s not fun. I stay off of it.


And now for *Facepalm #2* So I love my happier app, until earlier today someone made a post that was “why do people lock down their accounts?” So I tried to be nice, and explain my reason why. They told me that was rude, I was shutting the door on people. Um DUH! that’s what private means. So why are my happier posts locked down? Same as my Facebook page! I don’t want/need clients to try to friend me, or stalk me online. I get enough threats in my position. And I’ve been stalked in real life from client’s… I don’t need that nonsense online as well.

So I feel I’m justified in my moans and groans this afternoon. I gave fair warning to my subscribers to avoid this post if they wanted. But I hope really that they didn’t. 😀  Because honestly, I can’t be the only one that has issues with online nonsense. LOL 😛