I do my best proofreading…


after I hit publish. Any one else??? 😀

I do go back and edit… cause I’m like wha…. omg *facepalms*


And now how about a funny picture since I’m updating about proofreading. LOL 😀



so? who wants to be pinked?


We’ve got seven days till October 1st! And I’ll have some time this weekend to pink people up! 🙂

And I know I shouldn’t have to tell you why?

I’ve been playing around with my widgets again… I love widgets, don’t you? 😀

And Hello! All you beatiful people/friends I’m following!!! XOXOXO ❤

so if you want to be pinked up, you have till Friday, September 26 to comment here on this post, email me, facebook me, etc. I’ll be posting in a Pink Pickup Post! LOL 😛 I’m soo silly.


Early morning pic

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On Happier there are quite a number of courses that are available, and I am lucky/grateful that I’ve been given a few. One of them is 7 Happier Habits. I love this, I’m a fairly happy, some would say, “annoyingly perky person.” I’ve been called much worse. But that one sticks with me. LOL 😀  Apparently it’s not okay to be perky. 😛 whatever….

So everyday I’m finding more stuff to be grateful for, and it’s making a huge difference in my mindset first thing in the morning. This morning I am grateful for “Yay! I’m grateful this morning for a beautiful Autumn morning crisp & energizing!”  (quoting myself- yeah… you should cite yourself or else…according to my old prof’s and mentor) 😀  This is the photo I shared, a quick snapshot this morning and it’s unretouched.

photo (2)

It’s Innergize Day!


Do Something good for yourself!! 😀
Sometimes taking a bath is the best thing to do.
Taking a bath won’t change anything, but when you’re in the tub,
you are not responsible for anything – you are wet, for one thing,
so no one can ask you to do anything… you can’t work in there,
because your papers will get wet. You can’t answer the phone
or receive any faxes or messages or assignments or …
Maybe it should be a long bath.
It’s Innergize Day!
Do something good for yourself.




Calendar day; September 23, 2014

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Tuesday, the 23rd of September, 2014 is the 266th day in 2014 and in the 39th calendar week.
General Events:
International Restless Legs Syndrome Awareness Day
September 23, 2014 in the World
International Restless Legs Syndrome (RLS) Awareness Day on September 23rd. This is the birth date of Professor Karl-Axel Ekborn, a Swedish neurologist who provided the first description of the disease in medical literature in 1945.
International Awareness Day exists to promote greater understanding and awareness of the often life-altering disease. Since Ekbom completed his doctoral thesis in 1945, much has been learned about RLS and its symptoms.
Where is International Restless Legs Syndrome Awareness Day?
Celebrate Bisexuality Day
September 23, 2014 in the World
Celebrate Bisexuality Day is observed worldwide on September 23, 2014 by members of the bisexual community and their supporters. The day, which is celebrated annually, is a call for the bisexual community, their friends and supporters to recognize and celebrate bisexuality, bisexual history, bisexual community and culture, and the bi- and pansexual people in their lives.
First observed in 1999, Celebrate Bisexuality Day is the brainchild of three United States bisexual rights activists: Wendy Curry, Michael Page, and Gigi Raven Wilbur. This celebration of bisexuality in particular, as opposed to general LGBT events, was conceived as a response to the prejudice and marginalization of the bisexual persons by some in both the straight and greater LGBT communities.
Bisexuality is sexual behavior or an orientation involving physical or romantic attraction to males and females, especially with regard to men and women. It is one of the three main classifications of sexual orientation, along with a heterosexual and a homosexual orientation, all a part of the heterosexual–homosexual continuum.
Where is Celebrate Bisexuality Day?
National Checkers Day and Dogs in Politics Day
September 23, 2014 in the USA
Annually celebrated on September 23, it is National Checkers Day which is also known as Dogs in Politics Day.
On September 23, 1952, Vice President candidate, Richard Nixon, gave a speech that was call the “Checkers Speech”.  He had been accused of improprieties relating to a fund established by his backers to reimburse him for his political expenses.  Wanting to defend himself as his place on the Republican ticket was in doubt, he flew to Los Angeles and delivered a half-hour television address.  It was in this speech that Nixon stated that regardless of what anyone said, he intended to keep one gift; a black-and-white dog that had been name Checkers by the Nixon children, thus giving the speech its popular name.
The “Checkers Speech” was seen, or heard, by about 60 million Americans, including the largest television audience to that time and it led to an outpouring of public support.
With Checkers the dog in the speech, that is also how it come to share the name Dogs in Politics Day.
Where is National Checkers Day and Dogs in Politics Day?
Nationwide USA
National Innergize Day 2014
September 23, 2014 in the USA
A day set aside for anyone who has said, “I don’t have time to do the personal things I want to do for myself.” Today is the day to set time aside for yourself to do anything you want to do. Annually, the day after the autumnal equinox.
Take some time out today to do something for yourself that you “never have time for”, like have a bath or read a book or binge watch a television series or drink 27 banana smoothies. Whatever floats.
Where is National Innergize Day 2014?
Nationwide USA
Historical Events on 23rd September:
951 – Otto I the Great becomes king of Italy
1459 – Battle of Blore Heath in Staffordshire, the first major battle of the English Wars of the Roses.
1561 – King Philip II of Spain forbids Spanish settlements in Florida
1780 – British Major John Andre reveals Benedict Arnold’s plot to betray West Point
1821 – Fall of Tripolitsa, Greece, massacre of 30.000 Turks.
1846 – Johann Gottfried Galle & Heinrich d’Arrest find Neptune
1868 – Grito de Lares proclaims Puerto Rico’s independence (crushed by Spain)
1879 – Richard Rhodes invented a hearing aid called the Audiophone
1889 – Nintendo Koppai (Later Nintendo Company, Limited) founded by Fusajiro Yamauchi to produce and market the playing card game Hanafuda.
1912 – Mark Sennet presents 1st Keystone Cops film (Cohen Collects a Debt)
1913 – Women protests take place in the Free State, South Africa, led by Charlotte Maxeke, resisting government attempts to impose passes on women; passes are burnt in front of the municipal offices
1932 – Kingdom of Hejaz & Nejd merge into Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
1938 – Time capsule, to be opened in 6939, buried at World’s Fair in NYC (capsule contained a woman’s hat, man’s pipe & 1,100′ of microfilm)
1942 – Auschwitz begins experimental gassing executions
1952 – Richard Nixon makes his “Checker’s” speech
1973 – Former Argentine President Juan Peron returns to power
1979 – Somali constitution approved by president
1983 – Argentina milt regime gives amnesty to military/political assassins
1990 – Saddam says he will destroy Israel
2002 – The first public version of the web browser Mozilla Firefox (“Phoenix 0.1”) is released.

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