So I can’t add a message/reply board to my blog. Waah 😦 so next best thing. I’ve added a lil widget, called mini musings. Things that I think about, or project updates. LOL  I wish ya’ll could leave a message there…but so far no luck with tech monkeys. LOL oops!

anywho, I wanted to let ya’ll know that the fifth and possible sixth calendars have mature content. Yes, they have ( . )( . ) boobs. Um whatever…but I thought I should give a warning, as some ppl are sensitive to boobs. I don’t know, last time I looked 100% of us have them. But I could be misinformed. btw- this is sarcasm… LOL 😀

So do ya’ll want a 6th calendar posted?

and let me know what you think of my lil widget, Mini Musings. LOL 😀