Domestic Violence Awareness month

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And I’ve been slacking, every one knows that it’s Breast Cancer Awareness month. However it’s also Domestic Violence Awareness month.

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As a survivor you figure I’d have written this one out at the beginning of the month. Truth is, I don’t like thinking or remembering the hell I lived through. I survived and feel I’m much stronger for it. Conan has it right, “That which doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger.” Damn. 🙂

So while I’ve been searching for images, the prevalent theme is to stop being silent. We can’t be aware if we stay silent.  I’ve spoken on campus before and woot I was even on a local PBS channel as a survivor- however due for safety reasons, my face wasn’t shown. My pretty lil toosies were on camera though. LOL 😀 And yeah, my sense of humor is a defense mechanism. But in my opinion, it’s a much better coping skill than all the negative one’s I could’ve done. 😉

So if you are, or if you know a survivor, or want to help bring awareness, 1 out of 4 women will thank you immensely. And now you technically know one of those four.


Go to your local women’s shelter and ask how you can help. Donate clothes, most women leave with what they have on them. Donate kids clothes, same.  Donate hygienic items, sounds silly but they are needed! And most shelters will ask for money, which I do understand. But I also see the value in donating your time. Help with the upkeep of the shelter-if allowed, paint, mow, weed, plant some flowers. Help with transportation- again if allowed. If you are a doctor, teacher, lawyer. Your skills are most valuable to these women. If you’re not any of those, your skills are still valuable. The one thing that helped me, knowing I wasn’t alone, I did nothing wrong. Simply being there and listening is valuable.

If you are in need and are one of the four that need assistance:

Domestic Violence Hotline  1-800-799-7233

And for the new smart phone users a free app:

a short snippet from their website:

The Aspire News app looks like any other iPhone or Android news aggregator, but it’s actually a potentially lifesaving domestic violence alert system.  While the front page functions like a regular news app, when you go to the “Help” section of the page it provides a list of local domestic violence resources and a “Go Button,” that, once pressed, alerts the user’s chosen contacts, local authorities and service providers about the violent or potentially violent situation.

Aspire News App

So who’s with me? Pink and Purple looks good together, ask the cheshire cat! 😀 So combine your ribbons for this month!

Cheshire Cat

And then join me, share your pix of wearing purple on October 29, 2014. I will share your picture in a blog entry along with moi. I know! Aren’t you excited? LOL 😀

Thank you very much and please reblog this entry! You never know who might need this information! Speak out, and listen when appropriate. Thank you!




And from now until Samhain or Halloween, whichever you prefer. The images will reflect the theme of the month. A few might be pink or purple related. More about the purple later. 😀



Calendar day; October 9, 2014

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Thursday, the 9th of October, 2014 is the 282th day in 2014 and in the 41st calendar week.
General Events:
World Sight Day 2014
October 9, 2014 in the World
World Sight Day 2014 is on 9 October 2014 (the second Thursday of October), to draw attention to avoidable blindness and rehabilitation. 2014 is the first year of the WHO Global Action Plan
The Call to Action will draw attention to a few key interventions that are crucial for the success of GAP’s target – reducing avoidable blindness by 25%, by 2019. Using the call to action as a clarion call, organisations can identify various aspects of GAP that need urgent attention. They are also invited to customise the call to action, to their disease area – “No more Cataract” or “No more Trachoma” for example.
International Agency for the Prevention of Blindness (IAPB): http://www.iapb.org/advocacy/who-action-plan
Where is World Sight Day 2014?
World Post Day
October 9, 2014 in the World
World Post day happens each year on October 9, remembering this date for the establishment of Universal Postal Union (UPU) in 1874 in Bern, Switzerland. The UPU was the start of global communications revolution, people could write to others all over the world.
October 9th was first declared World Post Day at the 1969 UPU Congress in Tokyo, Japan. Since then, World Post Day is celebrated all over the world to highlight the importance of the postal services.
Where is World Post Day?
Hangul Day 2014
October 9, 2014 in South Korea
Hangul Day is observed on October 09, 2014. The Korean Alphabet Day, known as Hangul Day in South Korea, and Choson’gul Day in North Korea, is a national Korean commemorative day marking the invention and the proclamation of the Korean alphabet, the native alphabet of the Korean language, by King Sejong the Great. It is observed on October 9 in South Korea and on January 15 in North Korea.
Where is Hangul Day?
Nationwide South Korea
Fire Prevention Day
October 9, 2014 in the USA and Canada
Fire Prevention Day takes place on October 09, 2014. It commemorates the Great Chicago Fire. The Great Chicago Fire was a conflagration that burned from October 8, to early October 10, 1871, killing hundreds and destroying about 3.3 square miles (9 km²) in Chicago, Illinois.
The traditional account of the origin of the fire is that it was started by a cow kicking over a lantern in the barn owned by Patrick and Catherine O’Leary. In 1893, Michael Ahern, the Chicago Republican reporter who wrote the O’Leary account, admitted he had made it up as colorful copy. The barn was the first building to be consumed by the fire, but the official report could not determine the exact cause.
On the 40th anniversary (1911) of the Great Chicago Fire, the Fire Marshals Association of North America (FMANA); the oldest membership section of the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), sponsored the first National Fire Prevention Day, deciding to observe the anniversary as a way to keep the public informed about the importance of fire prevention.
In May 1919, when the NFPA held its 23rd annual meeting in Ottawa at the invitation of the Dominion Fire Prevention Association (DFPA), the NFPA and DFPA both passed resolutions urging governments in the United States and Canada to support the campaign for a common Fire Prevention Day.
Where is Fire Prevention Day?
Nationwide USA and Canada
Day of Commemorating the Holocaust
October 9, 2014 in Romania
National Day of Commemorating the Holocaust is celebrated on October 09, 2014. The National Day of Commemorating the Holocaust is a national event held in Romania. It is dedicated to the remembrance of the victims of the Holocaust and particularly to reflecting on Romania’s role in the Holocaust. Various commemoration events and ceremonies take place throughout Romania in order to remember the Jews and Roma who died in the Holocaust. The first National Day of Commemorating the Holocaust was held in 2004. October 9 was chosen as a date for this event because it marks the beginning of Romanian deportations of Jews to Transnistria, in 1942.
Where is National Day of Commemorating the Holocaust?
Nationwide Romania
Curious Events Day
October 9, 2014 in the World
What is the world’s greatest mystery? How one can become famous for being famous? How the empty milk carton is presumed to live in the fridge? What cats actually do all day? The latter one is fun to investigate with a camera on a collar, for any curious cat owners out there. Hopefully you won’t find out that curiosity really does kill the cat.
Curious Events Day celebrates the great mysteries of the world, possibly even greater ones than the ones I’ve already listed above. Does the Loch Ness Monster exist? How are crop circles made? Is the world really run by a reptilian elite race?
Celebrate the day by pondering upon whatever makes you curious. It might be a big issue or it might be a small issue. Let’s hope it’s something more fun that discovering the source of the empty milk carton!
Where is Curious Events Day?
Leif Erikson Day
October 9, 2014 in the USA
It’s Leif Erikson Day! Leif Erikson, the son of Erik the Red, was the first European to land in North America. According to The Sagas of Icelanders, a historical account from the 10th and 11th centuries, he established a Norse settlement in Newfoundland, Canada around the year 1001—more than 400 years before Christopher Columbus was born!
Leif Erikson was only twenty-four years old at the time of his voyage. After rescuing an Icelandic castaway and his crew he was nicknamed Leif the Lucky.
In 1964, the United States Congress declared October 9 Leif Erikson Day in honor of this historical Viking. Share your knowledge about Leif Erikson with others and celebrate his important role in the history of North America!
Where is Leif Erikson Day?
Nationwide  USA
Historical Events on 9th October:
1000 – Leif Ericson discovers “Vinland” (possibly L’Anse aux Meadows, Canada) reputedly becoming first European to reach North America
1238 – James I of Aragon conquers Valencia and founds the Kingdom of Valencia
1446 – The Hangul alphabet is published in Korea.
1651 – English parliament passes Navigation Act
1740 – Dutch governor general Adriaen Valckenier allows murder of 8,000 Chinese inhabitants of Batavia
1820 – Guayaquil, Ecuador declares its freedom from Ecuador
1824 – Slavery is abolished in Costa Rica.
1855 – Isaac Singer patents sewing machine motor
1855 – Joshua Stoddard of Worcester, Massachusetts, patents first calliope
1870 – Rome is incorporated into Italy by royal decree
1934 – Regicide at Marseille: The assassination of King Alexander I of Yugoslavia and Louis Barthou, Foreign Minister of France.
1942 – Statute of Westminster 1931 passed by the Australian parliament, formalises Australian autonomy.
1946 – First electric blanket manufactured; sold for $39.50
1953 – British Prime Minister Winston Churchill aproves Guyanese Constitution
1962 – Uganda becomes independent from the United Kingdom
1963 – Hurricane Flora ravages Cuba & Haiti, kills 6,000
1970 – Khmer Republic (Cambodia) declares independence
1980 – 1st consumer use of home banking by computer by United American Bank in Knoxville Tn
1987 – Japanese bank buys “Lady McGill” stamp for $1,100,000
1992 – A 13 kilogram (est.) meteorite lands in the driveway of the Knapp residence in Peekskill, New York, destroying the family’s 1980 Chevrolet Malibu

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