A debate I hear every year… to have green witches or not. Personally, I say let’s go Green!

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Just leave those horrible warts off. I don’t have warts! LOL 😛 I am an Earth Sign and duh, our color is Green! I understand why some witches have an issue with it. But on the other hand, it gives us a starting place for discussion. Just keep calm and stay logical! Which can be difficult, but you win arguments with honey and not vinegar! 😉 Try to remember that green is a color of Earth, Spring, Money. To quote Kermit, “It ain’t easy being Green.” But… Green living is Brilliant. Stop worrying about this, it’s only offensive if you see it that way.  There are multiple other issues to be offended and upset by; injustice, intolerance, ignorance.  This is just a little thing. If anything, do what I’ve done. Offer to apply their make up for them. Make them absolutely fabulous and leave off those horrid warts! 😀 This works!! DSCN1732

So I challenge my fellow Witches, to change your Avi on FB to a green Witch! And actually, anyone that wants to be supportive, join us. The more the merrier! 😀 I’m even supplying a few here:

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witch Sexy-Green-Witch-Web 20235050
I’m going a step further… and changing a few things here as well! 😀


Show the others that it doesn’t bother you, that you have a sense of humor. I get inundated every year with the witch flying into a house, squashed under a house… EH! It’s kinda sad, that’s how we’re portrayed, but until we speak out… nothing will get changed! However, remember, logic and calm. Water flows softly, but look at the Grand Canyon! 😀 I always Bless people well, not curse them. Remember the Rule of Three! So if we bless them and wish them onto a better life, tolerance, etc. It comes back to us three times. I like doing it this way, I’m only strengthening myself and them.  Peacefully! Change the world gently!