A while back, I asked some friends for their favorite or funniest Halloween memories.

I had only three that replied, and I asked their permission to share with ya’ll.

From my friend, Mary, “One year my brother asked my friends and I for help with his costume! We were into Alfred Hitchcock at the time so we dressed him up with fake birds attached all over him and fake blood like he was being attacked! It was great! Little kids were afraid of him.”

From my friend, Michelle A, “My two kids and I went to a haunted house, in the very last room a man jumped out with a chainsaw! My daughter froze in terror, my son took off running! The guy in charge finally caught my son three house down and brought him back!”

My friend, Jocelyn B shared a few memories, “My parents hosted a costume party when I was little. A man dressed as a gorilla with a top hat and cane directed everyone to the wrong house. I loved it! Others were real-sized port-a-potties and sat in our front yard for an hour. I thought being an adult was so much fun!! Our family loved Halloween. My dad made elaborate scary scenes with lighting and music. At least once a year, a kid would get so scared that he’s run out of his shoe. We always had a leftover shoe in the yard the next day! LOL”

Mine: funny or scary? Maybe a bit of both.

The one memory that stands out clearly for me is a night with friends, instead of going to the Halloween party we had been invited to, we decided to stay at a friends and watch movies. I can’t remember the name of the movie, it was the one with Jason. And omg, I wanted to stay indoors with all the lights on after watching it. (I HATE Horror Movies!) But no. A few of us were hungry and wanted to go walk to get some food. Without my paying attention a friend had gone out the front door, and was lying in wait. We had walked a bit, got our food stuff and was walking back to the house. We were laughing and not paying attention, when all of a sudden, a big dude came running out behind us with something and it looked like blood was dripping off of it. I screamed and ran! By the time they caught up with me, I had scratches on my knees and hands from when I tripped and fell. They explained it was a joke. I was not amused. LOL I remember punching someone. When the police arrived, no one was laughing. Seems the neighbors on the base decided some kids were really being chased by a psychotic with a weapon. The MP’s took that seriously. And the next thing I remember is my dad walking into the ER on base. He was wearing his bear slippers. He took me home and asked if I was okay. I had been quiet the whole way home. Unusual behavior for me at the time. lol
Looking back now, that memory is still quite vivid, and I regret punching people. LOL But I was really really scared. I am still in touch with one of my friends from that time, and he would prefer to stay anonymous in this re-telling. So okay. It was scary while it was happening, and as I’ve grown older and have had a bit of space to the event, it’s become humorous. But to this day, I still don’t watch Horror Movies. Can’t stand them. Which brings up the topic that witches should love horror movies. This witch doesn’t! lol 😛

So what’s your favorite Halloween memory! Please share in the comments below.