Dave Lowe Design – Halloween: Witch Crash
It’s pretty simple to make.
The busted hole is a piece of plywood cut into a rough oval shape, and painted flat black. I used wire and eyelets on the back to hang, like any ordinary picture frame. The cracked plaster is cut pieces of foam core coated with spray can ceiling texture to mimic stucco. They were painted our house color and hot glued on. I added some broken 1″ x 3″ wood boards
Her legs are mannequin legs I inherited from a past TV show, but they’re easily found on the internet for sale. I didn’t have fancy stockings, so I just painted a plain white pair I had in one of my many boxes labeled “odd junk to make stuff with”. Even had the old shoes handy. If you like making props or just being creative, having a stash of things to use pays off often. You do walk a fine line. I’m often in fear of becoming one of those talk show “pack rat” syndrome guests.
The broom is one of those cheapo CVS brand ones I also had in my stash. I’d love the sweep to be much larger, but it works for now (ideally I’d make bigger). I replaced it’s original bamboo stick with a solid 3/4″ dowel. I attached the broken end with eye hooks so it will sway in the breeze. Who needs fancy animatronics, huh?
I forgot to give her big shoe buckles. That missing detail will bug me for some reason. I’ll have to add tomorrow.
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Thank you with a BIG HUG to Skeen!!!!!