Almost like the fourth of July firework displays, I’ll be doing more posts today and tomorrow then I have for the past month! 😀

And since I’ve enjoyed this so much, I’m thinking of keeping to a theme for the next couple of months. I’ll let you know now, November here in the states is Thanksgiving month, and while not everyone celebrates it. I’ve decided that November will be a month of thanks! And as a Veteran and because we have Veteran’s day as well in November, perhaps a few days of thanks giving to our Veterans! They really deserve more than just two days a year!

Let me know what you think of this idea? I would love to see others maybe incorporate a day or a week, to a theme. Especially our international bloggers. I’m always curious to learn new ideas, IDIC-infinite diversity in infinite combinations. It’s what makes our world go round, at least in my opinion.

So expect a few more entries today and tomorrow. Friday, well… I’m off for the day, and so is hubs. We might be out and treating ourselves. We’ll have to play that one by ear! But I do have an entry scheduled to go on friday, I really hope support answers my query today. Otherwise, I have a lot of typing to do to fix the formatting issues I have with that particular entry! 😀

Have a beautiful day, loves! You deserve it!

xoxo ❤