This is not a political post! However with that being said, this is an Important Message; PLEASE go out and VOTE tomorrow, and if you can offer to take people to the polls. I used to take the day off work, I’m not allowed to here. Some odd reason or another… anywho.   Women usually come up with a bajillion reasons why they can’t go vote! Number one, I don’t have transportation, so take that reason away and get them to the polling place to vote! Also help escort them into the building. I don’t know about where you live, but OMG it’s a wreck outside our polling places, esp if they know you’re a Dem! and omg a Liberal DEM! I’m twice as evil. LOL 😀 But I am polite and do not make eye contact and get inside the building, the other now known reason why I vote early, I don’t have to put up with the wreck outside the polling place. So yes, please escort them into the building. This year is an important year to vote, no, it’s not a presidential year, but it is time to get those slackers out of office. Like I said, this is NOT a political post, but if you haven’t been living underneath a rock, you know to what I refer.

So GO! Go Vote!

and if you want… make Me happy and post a comment here that you did! I’ll give you a virtual hug and smoochie! Yes. 😀 ❤ smooch smooch.


okay for the next few seconds… it’s a political post… LOL XOXO

unnamedHopefully this button isn’t a surprise? LOL 😀