Do you know the difference? In my opinion a critique is giving a helpful review with what could have been done differently, a criticism is just an opinion; it can be good or bad, but there is no acknowledgement of what could have been done differently.

So with that being said, here’s my critique of a “You have to watch this movie.”  In a meeting today. I like meetings, really. Some are exceptional, others… not so much,but I still get to see people. 😀

The movie we had to watch, I assumed (yeah I know I did it to myself) that it would actually be on the topic we were supposed to be learning. OOPS! MY BAD! It was not quite horrible, but that was an hour of my life I’ll never get back. And honestly, I can’t stand hearing, “Um. Um. Um. Um.” Continuously in a person’s speech, especially when that person should know not to speak like that. Enunciate clearly and leave off the “Um.” Take a breath if you have to. But saying “Um” all the time is just about as bad as when in the 80’s, “Like you know.” was said / used continuously.

So here’s what I have to say, rehearse your speech, have someone help you drop off all those Um’s. That is unprofessional, especially when this is supposed to be viewed by other professionals. Speak and enunciate your words clearly, I didn’t understand half of what he said as it was garbled. The other speaker was very clear and easy to understand. Next bullet point; stay on topic! This should have been about the subject material, not woohoo we got together and did this, go here to our website, view our youtube site, friend us, we’re on twitter. ***OKAY! I could’ve saved an hour and just done that!

Also when recording a visual presentation, please stop trying to ‘jazz’ it up… your transitions between primary and secondary speaker was jumpy and hurt my eyes. It was not well done.  What you did do well, adding in the youtube clip, that was well done. However… the audio was to low. Adjusting our sound did nothing. Please ensure when you are recording or adding an outside source material that you have the volume turned up a few bits louder than your recorded speech. It makes a difference.

Lastly, we’re going to be tested on this material, however NONE of the material was discussed. So our boss will be sending us the links to the material and has given us to the end of the month to read up and get prepared. Thank goodness.


IF you have to ever record a video and audio presentation. Rehearse with unbiased people. They will help you get prepared. Drop the Um’s, you know, and other superfluous speech. It distracts the listeners and makes one seem less impressive. I’ve spoken to others and they agree with that statement. Ensure that if you want to jazz it up with cool transitions, that you have someone that has a firm grip on doing that. The transition between primary and secondary person was soo jumpy and disjointed, it not only hurt my eyes, the audio dropped, and I have a headache. When adding in a clip from another source, ensure that your volume of that source is louder than your recording audio. Okay, I think I covered the basics of this video today. I’m going to go take some ibuprofen, some coffee and do some four square breathing.

oooh it’s nearly lunch time! woohoo!