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HA! Calendar of the day; November 9, 2014

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Sunday, the 9th of November, 2014 is the 313th day in 2014 and in the 45th calendar week.
World Kindness Week: November 9-15
The purpose of World Kindness Week is to look beyond ourselves, beyond the boundaries of our country, beyond our culture, our race, our religion; and realize we are citizens of the world.
As world citizens, we have a commonality and must realize that if progress is to be made in human endeavors – if we are to achieve the goal of peaceful coexistence – we must focus on what we have in common. When we find likenesses, we begin to experience empathy, and in such a state, we can fully relate to that person or those people.
Sometimes, knowledge that is passed on to us about different races and cultures has become distorted, and we build up a false, negative impression of these people. It is only when we get to know such people that we realize it is a lie.
When we accept the reality that we can create positive change, we move beyond ourselves, our limitations, our doubts and realize our infinite power.
General Events:
World Orphans Day
November 9, 2014 in the World
This special day has been put in place in order to draw attention to the plight of the world’s orphans. Children all over the globe can become orphaned for many reasons: war, famine, displacement, disease or poverty. To make sure that they are not forgotten, once a year there is a special day dedicated just to them: World Orphans Day. This special day falls on the second Monday of each November. On this day people are encouraged to actively participate to help raise awareness, support and funding for worldwide orphans. This can be in the form of a donation or a group sponsorship event to raise money. People are also encouraged to sponsor an individual child in an orphanage or to invest in education programs that aim to give orphans a new start in life. There are many ways to help orphans and this annual day aims to bring those ideas to as wide an audience as possible.
Where is World Orphans Day?
World Freedom Day in the U.S.
November 9, 2014 in the USA
World Freedom Day in the U.S. is observed on November 09, 2014. World Freedom Day is a United States federal observance declared by then-President George W. Bush to commemorate the fall of the Berlin Wall and the end of communist rule in Central and Eastern Europe. It started in 2001 and is celebrated on 9 November.
For this occasion, conservative youth groups such as Young America’s Foundation and the College Republicans urge students to commemorate this day (which they mark as the start of “Freedom Week,” thus including Veterans Day) by “celebrating victory over communism” through provocative flyer campaigns and activism projects.
Many conservative political commentators and activists use World Freedom Day as an occasion in which to acclaim President Ronald Reagan, whom they regard as being responsible for the collapse of the Soviet Union and the end of the Cold War.
Where is World Freedom Day in the U.S.?
Nationwide USA
Remembrance Sunday
November 9, 2014 in United Kingdom
Remembrance Sunday is celebrated on November 09, 2014. In the United Kingdom, Remembrance Sunday is held on the second Sunday in November, which is the Sunday nearest to 11 November Armistice Day, the anniversary of the end of hostilities in the First World War at 11 a.m. in 1918. Remembrance Sunday is held “to commemorate the contribution of British and Commonwealth military and civilian servicemen and women in the two World Wars and later conflicts”. In the United Kingdom, Remembrance Sunday is marked by ceremonies at local war memorials in most cities, towns and villages, attended by civic dignitaries, ex-servicemen and -women, members of local armed forces regular and reserve units, military cadet forces and youth organisations. Wreaths of remembrance poppies are laid on the memorials and two minutes silence is held at 11 a.m. Church bells are usually rung “half-muffled”, creating a sombre effect.
Where is Remembrance Sunday?
Nationwide United Kingdom
Chaos Never Dies Day
November 9, 2014 in the World
Chaos Never Dies Day is celebrated on November 09, 2014. The day is a chance to accept that life is messy, surprising and hectic. Whenever things seem to calm down, along comes something to disrupt your daily routine.
Use of chaos in the derived sense of “complete disorder or confusion” first appears in Elizabethan Early Modern English, originally implying satirical exaggeration.
Where is Chaos Never Dies Day?
Historical Events on 9th November:
694 – Spanish King Egica accuses Jews of aiding Moslems/sentenced to slavery
1494 – Family de’ Medici become rulers of Florence
1520 – Height of the Stockholm Bloodbath – King Christian II of Denmark, Norway and Sweden executes Swedish nobles
1799 – Napoleon Bonaparte becomes dictator (1st consul) of France
1851 – Kentucky marshals abduct abolitionist minister Calvin Fairbank from Jeffersonville, Indiana, and take him to Kentucky to stand trial for helping a slave escape.
1872 – The Great Boston Fire of 1872. Close to 1,000 buildings destroyed
1905 – Swedish mine workers win 5 month strike for minimum wages
1918 – Bavaria proclaims itself a republic
1918 – Republic Germany proclaimed
1925 – Robert A. Millikan confirms the existence of cosmic rays from outer space in a speech to the National Academy of Sciences at Madison, Wisconsin
1927 – Giant Panda discovered, China
1932 – Hurricane storm wave sweeps over Santa Cruz del Sur Cuba kills 2,500
1938 – Al Capp, cartoonist of Lil’ Abner creates Sadie Hawkins Day
1949 – Costa Rica adopts Constitution
1953 – Cambodia (aka Kampuchea) gains independence from Fance, within the French Union
1955 – UN disapproves of South Africa’s apartheid politics
1965 – Several U.S. states and parts of Canada are hit by a series of blackouts lasting up to 13 hours in the Northeast Blackout of 1965.
1976 – UN General Assembly condemns apartheid in South Africa
1980 – Iraqi President Saddam Hussein declares holy war against Iran
1989 – East Berlin opens its borders
1991 – Joint European Torus (JET) scientists in Culham England successfully harness nuclear fusion to produce the first large amount of controlled fusion power
1993 – Serbian army fires on school in Sarajevo, 9 children died
1994 – The chemical element Darmstadtium is discovered
1998 – Capital punishment in the United Kingdom, already abolished for murder, is completely abolished for all remaining capital offences.


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