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Title: The hybridization of Colonel Alexandria Storm a stargate story

Author’s note’s: This has not been proofread, so all mistakes are mine.
Also this is a snippet, not a complete chapter. And I would like to say that this snippet is for my Flan Friends. Hi Ladies!! 😀

“Good Morning, Ma’am.”

She looks up to see a tall person with the lieutenant colonel rank on his uniform and the name Sheppard on his nametag. “Hello Colonel Sheppard, seems we finally meet.”

 He smiles slightly and takes a seat across from her, placing his coffee mug down on the table, “That sounds ominous.”

 She chuckles, “No not at all, you’ve got to remember though I’ve heard non-flattering things about you from Landry.” She notices him stiffen up a bit from that comment, “Oh relax, Colonel. I like to make my own informed opinions of people. I mean, really. Look at me.”

 He takes a minute to look over her, and then his eyes reach hers and he smiles, holding out his hand, “It’s John.”

 She grasps his outstretched hand, “Hi, John. I’m Alex. Nice to meet you.”

 Releasing his grip on her hand, “So, I heard Lorne slacked a bit yesterday. In giving the tour. He mentioned that while you have the ATA gene that there were a few minor issues. However after watching the door slide open before you were in close proximity, I’ll take it that’s no longer an issue?” He takes a sip of his coffee and watches her.

 “Yes the Major was kind to escort me to the infirmary and bring me here for lunch. As for slacking, well John. You were off world, who knows what you were doing.” She smirks at him, “And no. It’s no longer an issue, I did some meditation last night and I think that helped. Lots of stress you know, going from being on an alien world, to a locked down facility, and then to another galaxy.  Stresses a girl out a bit.” She laughs slightly as he nods his head in agreement with her.

 “I know some, not all, unlike Mitchell, I don’t read every report from the SGC. I’d prefer to hear it from you, and that’s what you want to share. But with that being said, if it’s going to affect our working relationship, then I expect to hear it. Understood?”

 She laughs, “Really lite colonel, I outrank you. However, I also respect the work you’ve done here. And also not like Mitchell, I did do some light reading before coming here, true I didn’t have a lot of time taking the midway route. However, I skimmed the important data that Walter highlighted for me. And John, I’m teasing about the rank. Doesn’t matter squat, until it does. Deal?” She holds her hand back out to him.

 He takes her outstretched hand and nods while saying, “Deal, Alex. And if I need you to deal with Caldwell, well. I’m sure I can think of something to repay you with.”

 ‘Repay you with? What are they talking about?’ Major Lorne walks up at the tail end of their conversation. “Sir, Ma’am.”

 “Sit down, Lorne.” John waves at a seat for him to sit down.

“Hi, Evan. Fancy meeting you here. Am I early or are you late?” She places a hand on her chest and fakes a swoon. And then her and John start laughing.

 ‘Oh yeah, she’s going to be fun.’ John watches Major Lorne try not to laugh out loud at her antics.


*End of snippet. Hopefully some one did enjoy!