I could keep it in theme with it being veteran’s day and all that… yet. No.

I want to say Thank you to my mother for her reading to me as a child, and she gave me a lifelong gift of reading. She also taught me to read and write at an early age, thank you. Why this came up today, well as you know I’m writing in the NaNoWriMo. If you’re following my blog, that should be no surprise to you. lol But today, I came in to work two hours early; an hour to prepare for my work load for the day, and an hour of peace and solitude- and coffee- to write. And woohoo! I met my average word count in that hour alone! So yes, it is true that when you give your children the gift of reading, that they also tend to become writers. Me. It’s because there are stories that I want to read that haven’t been written, so I write them. which is a good segue into another blog entry coming soon.  *cliffhanger* it’s a thing writers do. LOL 😛

Again, hope someone else is doing the thankful a day thought. It has been helping my attitude of gratefulness, and kindness.

And oooh, hey my mom is an Army wife, and an Army mom! Knew I could swing it back around to veteran’s day! lol Seriously though military wives/mom’s deserve their own day!! The stuff my mom dealt with on a daily basis. Especially when dad wasn’t around, she deserves a medal too. Love you, Mom! *It’s in print! yep I said it!*