Thankful thought for the early afternoon

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I was going to say morning. LOL 😀 Then I noticed it’s after noon.

What a beautiful Saturday, it’s a little cold, but still very beautiful outside. I got talked into some morning errands, now I’m back, coffee on to brew, laundry in the washer, and bagels. Yep, coffee and bagels my writing routine on the weekends. Although the chocolate chip waffles from Eggo look pretty good. 😀

And now back to writing on my nanowrimo, I’m breaking my goal today. That is the halfway mark! 25,000 and I’m at 22727 right now. So I have 2,273 words to write today! Okie dokies, let the tap tap tapping begin!!

Have a fabulous Saturday, stay warm! Go for a walk outside, enjoy the fall air, the scenery and I’m fairly certain that will help warm you up. I miss volksmarches in Germany!

Oh a bit of a funny! I got challenged this morning on fb by my friend, Paula. Who is also writing this month!

I got tagged by Paula in a game called Eight Terrible Titles.

How do you play? EASY. Blindly scroll through your manuscript. As you scroll, let your cursor fall wherever it may. Select the phrase it lands on and–BAM! You’ve got yourself one terrifically terrible title! Repeat this 7 more times. Let the good times roll. Tag eight others (or whoever you want!).

So, here are 8 from my current WiP (for NaNoWriMo):

1) You can’t stay on Earth.

2) It’s his/her fault!

3) Yeah, that’s what he said.

4)  Read the newest proposal from the remarkable people of Area 51.

5)  No, that is not normal.

6) Cookies, dangit no cookies.

7) Screwed the pooch.

8) Did you just sniff me?

And now I’m tagging:

Have fun!


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Calendar day; November 15, 2014

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Saturday, the 15th of November, 2014 is the 319th day in 2014 and in the 46th calendar week.
National Hunger & Homeless Awareness Week November 15-23 in the USA: National Hunger & Homelessness Awareness Week is held each year the week before Thanksgiving. This is a time for us all to start to think about what we are thankful for, and a perfect time to share our compassion with our neighbors who are experiencing homelessness. Participating in National Hunger and Homeless Awareness Week not only brings greater awareness to your community, but also helps to promote the national endeavor to end hunger and homelessness. The plight of those without a home, or those living in poverty, can be both lonely and difficult. Addressing their struggles by organizing and participating in this week may bring greater solidarity and understanding, as well as promote future involvement. Events, such as “One Night Without a Home,” help people realize the difficulties that homeless persons face on a daily basis.
National Coalition for the Homeless: http://www.nationalhomeless.org/
General Events:
Day of the Imprisoned Writer
November 15, 2014 in the World
Day of the Imprisoned Writer or Writers in Prison Day is celebrated on November 15, 2014. The Day of the Imprisoned Writer is an annual, international day intended to recognize and support writers who resist repression of the basic human right to freedom of expression and who stand up to attacks made against their right to impart information. It was started in 1981 by International PEN’s Writers in Prison Committee.
In addition to increasing the public’s awareness of persecuted writers in general, PEN uses the Day of the Imprisoned Writer to direct attention to several specific persecuted or imprisoned writers and their individual circumstances. Each of the selected writers is from a different part of the world, and each case represents circumstances of repression that occur when governments or other entities in power feel threatened by what writers have written.
On this day, the general public is encouraged to take action—in the form of donations and letters of appeal on behalf of the selected writers. The day also serves to commemorate all of the writers killed since the previous year’s Day of the Imprisoned Writer.
Where is Day of the Imprisoned Writer?
Shichi-Go-San 2014
November 15, 2014 in Japan
Shichi-Go-San is observed on November 15, 2014. Shichi-Go-San is a traditional rite of passage and festival day in Japan for three- and seven-year-old girls and three- and five-year-old boys, held annually on November 15 to celebrate the growth and well-being of young children. As it is not a national holiday, it is generally observed on the nearest weekend. The tradition has changed little since the Meiji Period. While the ritual regarding hair has been discarded, boys who are aged three or five and girls who are aged three or seven are still dressed in kimono – many for the first time – for visits to shrines. Three-year-old girls usually wear hifu (a type of padded vest) with their kimono. Western-style formal wear is also worn by some children. A more modern practice is photography, and this day is well known as a day to take pictures of children. Some families observe the rite based on the traditional way of calculating age, or kazoedoshi, in which children are one year old at birth and gain a year on each lunar new year.
Where is Shichi-Go-San?
Nationwide Japan
National  I Love To Write Day
November 15, 2014 in the USA
November 15, 2014 will mark the 12th anniversary of I Love To Write Day, a grassroots effort to have people of all ages practice their writing skills.
Love to Write day was founded by author John Riddle, a non-fiction and self-help writer, to get kids writing in schools and encourage adults to rekindle an old dream.
I Love to Write Day is celebrated by many different organisations – schools, community halls, churches, and even shopping centres. It covers all genres, from novels to poetry to writing in to your local newspaper with a point you’ve always wanted to make but never found time for before. The aim is to get people to sit down and put something on paper or on a computer, however short and in whatever style, kick-starting their writing and giving them confidence through being part of a global movement.
You can participate by writing something down, and encouraging your friends and family to do the same. Consider holding a writing and reading party with your friends, giving books as gifts, or donating to a local reading or writing scheme as part of your celebration.
Where is National  I Love To Write Day?
Nationwide USA
Day of the German-speaking Community of Belgium
November 15, 2014 in Belgium
Day of the German-speaking Community of Belgium takes place on November 15, 2014. The Day of the German-speaking Community of Belgium is celebrated each year. It is a public holiday for the German-speaking Community of Belgium but it is not celebrated elsewhere in Belgium. The German-speaking Community measures over 853 km2 in the Belgian region of Wallonia, and is made up of two territories consisting of nine municipalities. This territory roughly covers the formerly Prussian districts of Eupen, Malmedy and Sankt Vith. The East Cantons were part of the Rhine Province of Prussia until 1920, but were annexed by Belgium following Germany’s defeat in World War I and the subsequent Treaty of Versailles. Today Malmédy is not part of the German-speaking Community. In 1989, there was a call for proposals for a flag and arms of the Community. In the end the coat of arms of the Community was designed by merging the arms of the Duchy of Limburg and the Duchy of Luxembourg, to which the two parts of the community belonged before Belgian independence. A decree adopted on October 1, 1990 and published on November 15, 1990 prescribed the arms, the flag, the colours and the Community day, which was to be celebrated on November 15.
Where is Day of the German-speaking Community of Belgium?
Nationwide Belgium
Clean Your Refrigerator Day
November 15, 2014 in the World
Clean Your Refrigerator Day is observed on November 15, 2014. This event calls on you to clean out your refrigerator. A refrigerator or fridge is a common household appliance that consists of a thermally insulated compartment and a heat pump that transfers heat from the inside of the fridge to its external environment so that the inside of the fridge is cooled to a temperature below the ambient temperature of the room.
Refrigeration is an essential food storage technique in developed countries. Lower temperatures in a confined volume lowers the reproduction rate of bacteria, so the refrigerator reduces the rate of spoilage. It allows the modern family to keep food fresh for longer than before. This, along with the modern supermarket, allows most families, without a sizable garden in which to grow vegetables and raise animals, a vastly more varied diet and improved health resulting from improved nutrition. Dairy products, meats, fish, poultry and vegetables can be kept refrigerated in the same space within the kitchen
The refrigerator lets people eat more salads, fresh fruits and vegetables, without having to own a garden or an orchard. Exotic foodstuffs from far-off countries that have been imported by means of refrigeration can be enjoyed in the home because of domestic refrigeration.
Where is Clean Your Refrigerator Day?
National Bundt Day
November 15, 2014 in the USA
National Bundt Day, also known as National Bundt Cake Day is celebrated every year on November 15.    As people across the United States are planning theirs menu for the upcoming holidays, a bundt cake is sure to be on the list at least once.
A bundt cake can be any cake that is baked in a Bundt pan, shaping it into a distinctive ring shape.  The shape of the Bundt pan was originally inspired by the traditional European fruit cake known as Gugelhupf.   It was in the 1950’s and 1960’s that the style of mold was popularized after cookware manufacturer Nordic Ware, trademarked the name “Bundt” and started producing Bundt pans made from cast aluminum.  There are similar pans that are sold as “fluted tube pans” or other similar names.
The ring shape of bundt cakes give them difficulty in their frosting, therefore they are typically served undecorated, glazed, or powdered sugar dusted.
Where is National Bundt Day?
Nationwide USA
Historical Events on 15th November:
1315 – Battle of Morgarten: Swiss beat Duke Leopold I of Austria
1492 – Christopher Columbus notes 1st recorded reference to tobacco
1620 – Myles Standish leads 16 men in a foot exploration of the northern portion of Cape Cod
1720 – Anne Bonny, Mary Read, and John Rackham are captured by Capt. Jonathan Barnet and brought to Spanish Town, Jamaica, for trial
1813 – Tax revolt in Amsterdam
1826 – Dutch Business Me gets monopoly on opium trade in Java/Madura
1827 – Creek-indians lose all their property in US
1837 – Isaac Pitman introduces his shorthand system
1854 – In Egypt, the Suez Canal, linking the Mediterranean Sea with the Red Sea, is given the necessary royal concession.
1884 – Colonization of Africa orgainized at international conference in Berlin
1899 – Morning Post reporter Winston Churchill captured by Boers in Natal
1935 – Commonwealth of Philippines inaugurated
1954 – 1st regularly scheduled commercial flights over North Pole begins
1961 – UN bans nuclear arms
1974 – International Energy Agency formed in Paris within OECD framework in the wake of the 1973 oil crisis
1976 – Syrian army conquerors Beirut
1983 – Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus proclaimed
1988 – PLO proclaims State of Palestine, recognizes Israeli existence
2000 – New state of Jharkhand comes into existence in India

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