I was going to say morning. LOL 😀 Then I noticed it’s after noon.

What a beautiful Saturday, it’s a little cold, but still very beautiful outside. I got talked into some morning errands, now I’m back, coffee on to brew, laundry in the washer, and bagels. Yep, coffee and bagels my writing routine on the weekends. Although the chocolate chip waffles from Eggo look pretty good. 😀

And now back to writing on my nanowrimo, I’m breaking my goal today. That is the halfway mark! 25,000 and I’m at 22727 right now. So I have 2,273 words to write today! Okie dokies, let the tap tap tapping begin!!

Have a fabulous Saturday, stay warm! Go for a walk outside, enjoy the fall air, the scenery and I’m fairly certain that will help warm you up. I miss volksmarches in Germany!

Oh a bit of a funny! I got challenged this morning on fb by my friend, Paula. Who is also writing this month!

I got tagged by Paula in a game called Eight Terrible Titles.

How do you play? EASY. Blindly scroll through your manuscript. As you scroll, let your cursor fall wherever it may. Select the phrase it lands on and–BAM! You’ve got yourself one terrifically terrible title! Repeat this 7 more times. Let the good times roll. Tag eight others (or whoever you want!).

So, here are 8 from my current WiP (for NaNoWriMo):

1) You can’t stay on Earth.

2) It’s his/her fault!

3) Yeah, that’s what he said.

4)  Read the newest proposal from the remarkable people of Area 51.

5)  No, that is not normal.

6) Cookies, dangit no cookies.

7) Screwed the pooch.

8) Did you just sniff me?

And now I’m tagging:

Have fun!