Yep! It’s snowing here today in North Central Indiana, and wow! It’s so pretty! Yes, I’m weird, I already know that. 😀 I love S N O W! But instead of listening to “let it snow”, I’m listening to the soundtrack from Mamma Mia! LOL I crack myself up! 😀

I’m thankful for lazy Sunday’s; woke up late, mmm the smell of brewing coffee greeting me. And then I rolled over and grabbed the book I was reading, The Blood of Olympus by Rick Riordan. Yes, I’m a fan of his novel’s. Don’t discount them. As a lover of mythology…mmmm! He’s brought the past and the present together in a new twist! I like them!! I’m looking forward to his next series that deal with the Gods of the Asgard. Give him a chance you might like his stories; Rick Riordan

So after finishing the fifth of the Heroes of Olympus. I decided to do some meditation and yoga and get my head and body geared up for some writing. Yeah. I could’ve spent the morning writing on my own story… but eh. I love to write as much as I love to read. It’s like my own personal balance- my own yin/yang one leads to the other, or inspires the other.

So I’m thankful for a lazy Sunday morning doing what makes me happy. Hubs is playing his video game and I’m on the computer writing this entry, listening to the soundtrack with headphones on, and preparing to write my story! It’s never been about winning – I’ve been hearing from others that are about to give in, okay! take a break! Go do something completely different. Don’t give up on your characters, don’t give in to your desire to write. But let the competition go! Yeah, seriously!! Give up on that aspect. Deadlines suck! I agree! Been there, done that… EH! Whatev!

I get asked every year what my New Year’s resolution is? stick with me, this will make sense…  I don’t have one, I’ve kept the one I did fourteen years ago, “Stop making resolutions! Do or do not!” I know very Yoda of me. LOL But I’ve kept that one! So how does this tie into the whole NaNoWriMo, stop looking at the end all/be all of writing for you. Stop! I’m writing because I love to tell a story! Yes, I want the badge that I completed it, but I’m only competing with myself. That I can finish this. That is my goal, that I can start and finish a story that is more than just a few thousand words. The goal is not to have 50,000 by the end of November, I’m not going to lie though. I love watching my numbers climb daily, but that’s because Nano month is getting one used to writing on a daily basis. More than just a couple of paragraphs on a story or a blog entry. 😉 Any way, my goal is to complete this story by the end of the month… and yeah, honestly I do like knowing that I can set a goal; whether it be a daily word count, or the fact that I am now setting aside time to write. But to complete these goals, YEAH! That’s my badge of honor!! 😀

so for the NANOWRIMO writer’s take a break; breathe, read, watch a movie, go take a walk… do something else for a day. Now then, come back and finish your characters stories!! I wanna read them. Mine will be available on my other blog… Yep! It is going to help me, revamp that blog! 😀 It’s sad to see one character go, however sometimes you have to let go to see how far you can fly! 😀
(I will be explaining on that particular blog. 😦 )

Okay, see I got it all back together! I’m also thankful for the way my brain processes random things into a cohesive thought. At least it’s coherent to me. LOL 😀 Have a beautiful day!! Stay warm! [_]>
***Notice that this is the longest blog entry I’ve written… see the whole nano is working within me, The NaNo/Force is strong within this one! LOL 😛


Anyone else cracking up now??? I probably should’ve issued a no-drinking while reading this entry! LOL 😀