And yep, it’s more NaNoWriMo goodness! 😀 I really really love writing. It’s a good stress reliever, having a bad day, write it out. Having a good day, write it out. Plus the bonus to all the writing, I’ve noticed a difference in my non-creative writing. What I mean is, I find other ways to do my documentation-still correctly, but using better words/terms. My language is clearer and cleaner. Why blah blah blah, yadda yadda, when I can get it down more succinctly!  One of my favorite prof’s in college asked us what is a good word for use? A lot of people me included stated, utilize! It’s also a good word, but sometimes use is the best word. Stop working harder, work smarter. And this writing for fun is helping me work smarter too. Ooooh, well played NaNoWriMo, well played! LOL 😀
So update on where I am! I started this morning with close to two hundred before I started work, yep, still going in early to maintain my writing. 😀 I’m such a dork! But I’m cute and awesome too. 😛 hee hee
and tonight the stats are:
Words Written Today: 2,629
Target Word Count: 50,000
Target Average Words Per Day: 1,667
Total Words Written: 35,606
Words Remaining: 14,394 YES! I’m under 20,000 to write! And still going strong! You feel me Nano? LOL I’m cracking myself up, I’ve done this twice and I’ve never reached this close. I’m strong to the finish cause I’m a drinking my coffee… yeah yeah. I don’t have any spinach. Sounds good, though!
I hope ya’ll crack up or giggle a bit when reading some of my blogs. Laughter is good medicine.
Have a lovely night, stay warm and sweet dreams from cold cold brrrr North Central Indiana!