However sometimes, it can be very cathartic and necessary for one’s mental health. Which is the case for me.

I love writing!

However. I am having to say Goodbye to an original character that has been in my life for a number of years. When we first started out together it was pretty cool. The character was created to help me deal with some things. And it worked. Then I hooked up with a co-writer, and that worked for a bit too. Until I realized that I was relying on them to write with me.

Yeah. That hasn’t turned out very well. It wasn’t bad, it just wasn’t me. Nor was it my story anymore… and if I wanted something done a certain way…well. no. Nothing against my co-writer. It’s not them, it was me. I didn’t like what was going on, and in actuality it was making me feel worse! I learned a long time ago, to rely on myself. Especially in certain things, and I missed writing for me, for stress relief, for the fun of it.

And as for saying good bye to that one character, well it’s not a complete break. It’s more of a caterpillar metamorphosis. And this may not be the end of that change, it may only be a transitional phase. But. It is breaking me out of a horrible rut where my writing has been. I didn’t lose the nano last year, because I didn’t have a story. I lost because I lost interest in the horrible mess that story was going! And that is when I started thinking… and a year later! I’ve decided! For now, Briana thank you, until we meet again. I’m not giving you up, love! I’m simply changing directions at this time in my life! ***And for anyone that has ever created a character out of nothing, yes it is like giving birth to a child. And yes, I so speak as if she is a living thing, for me, she has been.

So the announcement is coming earlier than I planned, however it’s time. It’s time for Alexandria Storm’s story to be heard. And this time, no co-writer. I forgot how good it feels to do this on my own.