I am an Earth sign, which means I’m stable, reliable, practical and realistic.

Earth signs are the builders of long-lasting structures.

Sounds awesome right?


I tend to think about some things symbolically, if I’m an Earth sign, that means I have fire within me, air surrounding me and water on my surface. Well not to mention, that I do have water in me too,  about 60%. Hmmm. Yep, that fits better. Air is a sign of communication, and I love communications. Water flows, water is slow and steady strength, that works too. I might take my time, but I am pretty determined when I set my mind to something. Fire… yes. I have a fire within. It’s not always good, it’s not always bad. It’s simmering just below my surface, I like to think of a caldera from a volcano. They can be very beautiful and very deadly if you don’t watch your step, hmmm. Sounds familiar. I do have a lot of things within me that I never let go. I meditate an awful lot to maintain balance.  I’m not a violent person. But I won’t be pushed around either. I’m at a point that it’s taken a lot to keep the fire down, to vent out the stressors in creative ways. Writing, artwork, meditation, and yoga.

I am a stable, reliable, structured individual (type A hello), so for me to get to this point, it is taking a considerable toll on me. I can feel it physically, I’m starting to have major physical pains, my fibro is out of control right now. I’ve taken ibuprofen every four to six hours faithfully, and I’m still feeling the shakes and quakes within my bones and nerve endings! on a scale of one to ten, I’m at an eight point five. I’ve taken my preventative meds for my migraines, and yeah… I’m getting a category one I can feel that pressure building up currently. 😦

The photo below is a pretty good representation of how I feel right now. You can see the heat and if you look closely you can see the steam. I don’t want to blow. I need to go write, walk, meditate, watch a movie at lunch, or listen to some TSO. 😀

Send happy thoughts, good positive vibes! Chocolate, Pepsi max and hugs work too! 😀

oooh how about some Kav or Hello Kitty! 😉

sorry I had to get this off my chest! 😉 helps with that venting I do.