Are you like me?


Don’t like to go out in large crowds, would rather stay home, warm and cozy. Avoid all the people that have overindulged, drivers that didn’t listen to “the get a designated driver.”  Yeah!

I prefer to stay in, have a movie marathon, drink something nice and warm, and just enjoy the evening with Hubs!  Okay the last part might be a bit difficult, he has to work late tonight. 😦 But it is what it is.

So for those others like me and that don’t drink-alcohol. Me; because I’m diabetic and ohmygoodness do you know how much sugar is in alcohol? YEAH!

Check out this site for some awesome non-alcoholic drink recipes for tonight or any night, really.

And what about the food? Hey! This site is awesome, drinks, appetizers, brunches, etc. I like them.

Now this would make the evening nerdtastic!! Especially since I plan on having a Marvel movie marathon!

lol 😀