Wednesday, the 7th of January, 2015 is the 7th day in 2015 and in the 2nd calendar week.
General Events:
National I’m Not Going to Take It Anymore Day
January 7, 2015 in the USA
I’m Not Going To Take It Anymore Day is when we can fight back against all the injustices inflicted upon us.
Sometimes it takes utter frustration, boiling point anger or deep sadness to say enough is enough. Today choose something that you’re not going to take anymore. Whether it is a situation at work, your job itself, a bad relationship or a dangerous habit, choose one thing that you’re not going to take and do something about it.
Where National I’m Not Going to Take It Anymore Day?
Nationwide USA
Old Rock Day 2015
January 7, 2015 in the World
Old Rock Day is an opportunity to enjoy and appreciate old rocks and fossils. Perhaps you can start a rock collection. You can go out on a field trip in search of old fossils (the rock kind). Or, if you choose, you can just play with old rocks.
By definition, fossils are old rocks. Jewelry stones are old rocks. And, coal is an old rock, too. You can celebrate any or all of these old rocks today.
The rocks on Canada’s Baffin Island have been around for 4.5 billion years, back when the earth was a fiery magma ball.
Acknowledge a rock today … and encourage it to rock on . . .or maybe turn it into a pet!
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Distaff Day 2015
January 7, 2015 in the World
Distaff Day is observed on January 07, 2015. Distaff Day, also called Roc Day, is the day after the feast of the Epiphany. It is also known as Saint Distaff’s Day, one of the many unofficial holidays in Catholic nations. Many St. Distaff’s Day gatherings were held, large and small, throughout local fiber community. The distaff, or rock, used in spinning was the medieval symbol of women’s work. In many European cultural traditions, women resumed their household work after the twelve days of Christmas. Women of all classes would spend their evenings spinning on the wheel. During the day, they would carry a drop spindle with them. Spinning was the only means of turning raw wool, cotton or flax into thread, which could then be woven into cloth. Men have their own way of celebrating this occasion; this is done through Plough Monday. It is the first Monday after Epiphany where men are supposed to get back to work.
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National Tempura Day
January 7, 2015 in the USA
It’s National Tempura Day! Tempura is a delicious deep fried Japanese dish made with lightly battered vegetables and seafood. The original cooking technique is actually attributed to the Portuguese, who landed in Japan in the sixteenth century to establish new trade routes.
The word “tempura” is also related to the European roots of the dish. It comes from the Latin phrase “quattuor tempora” meaning “Ember Days.” This term refers to the days when Catholics eat fish or vegetables instead of meat.
Tempura batter is made with cold water and wheat flour. Some recipes also call for eggs, baking soda, oil, or spices for extra flavoring. A traditional tempura will usually include shrimp, scallops, eggplant, green beans, sweet potato, mushrooms, or bamboo.
To celebrate National Tempura Day, try making your own tempura at home or head out to your favorite Japanese restaurant!
Where is National Tempura Day?
Nationwide USA
Historical Events on 7th January:
1558 – Calais, last English possession in France, retaken by French
1601 – Robert, Earl of Essex, leads revolt in London against Queen Elizabeth
1608 – Fire destroys Jamestown, Virginia
1610 – Galileo discovers 1st 3 Jupiter satellites, Io, Europa & Ganymede
1714 – Typewriter patented by Englishman Henry Mill (built years later)
1797 – The modern Italian flag is first used
1822 – Liberia colonized by Americans
1890 – W B Purvis patents fountain pen
1892 – Mine explosion kills 100 in Krebs, Oklahoma; blacks trying to help rescue white survivors, driven away with guns
1913 – William M Burton patents a process to “crack” petroleum
1929 – “Buck Rogers,” 1st sci-fi comic strip, premieres
1929 – “Tarzan,” one of the 1st adventure comic strips, 1st appears
1930 – Marguerite Perey discovers Fr (francium), the last naturally occurring element to be found
1934 – “Flash Gordon” comic strip (by Alex Raymond) debuts
1953 – US President Harry Truman announces American development of the hydrogen bomb
1959 – US recognizes Fidel Castro’s Cuban government
1964 – Bahamas becomes self-governing
1979 – Vietnamese forces capture Phnom Penh from Khmer Rouge
1989 – International Conference on Limitation of Chemical Weapons opens in Paris
1998 – Former White House intern Monica Lewinsky signs affidavit denying she had an affair with President Bill Clinton