and I can feel a certain fellow writer smacking me through the air. lol HI Paula! 🙂

Seriously though, I’m catching some odd word usage, and adding in some things to hopefully make it flow better. Not to mention get rid of some dialogue that I don’t know what I was thinking? lol

I’m up to revising Chapter 21 now.  😀 woot! I finally checked, I have 32 chapters written, and I still need to do a few more for this story to end. Well…until the sequel and yep, I’ve started the out line for that one as well.  woohoo! 😀

till later, back to revising. Chapter two will be posted on Saturday, since Alex is a kitty girl, I’ve decided to post on Caturdays. LOL =^.^= meow    Besides this Friday I’ve something fun planned! 😉

and if you’re not following my creative blog, I asked a question there earlier. Who wants to see Alex dressed up as Wonder Woman? I’m going to do it anyway, I’m just curious to whether people want to see it when finished. 😉

so till later kittens