OI! I had a migraine so bad yesterday, I couldn’t stop crying. My meds weren’t even putting a dent in the pain. I was finally able to get some sleep which has knocked it down to half the pain level. At least today I make some sense speaking and writing. Migraines S U C K ! I think it’s the cold and the weather, the weather has always affected my migraines badly and add in the sinus issues. OI Vey!

And then when I was finally cognizant yesterday, Hubs informed me that the water, he thought was just frozen, it’s worse. So we have a plumbing company coming out. But they won’t be here till Monday. I wonder if one of my local friends would allow us to come over and take a shower and wash maybe a small load of clothes.  I’ve done it for people before, so now time for some good karma to us?

Otherwise I’m going to attempt to distract myself by going in and doing some revisions, ensure that Chapter two is ready to go tomorrow on the Bunny site, and stay warm. Hubs picked up some water jugs so we can make coffee, and flush the commodes. Good water and utility water. 😉 I joke about coffee a lot, but that has also helped the migraine go down a bit.  Okay, so time to go revise and write. Is it bad, if I say I like my story? Sound conceited? LOL 😛

laters kittens, say a prayer or send good vibes-whichever you prefer, that the plumber is here on Monday and that I have friend that lets us use a shower this weekend. Otherwise some of that utility water is being heated up for bird baths. lol ah that old Army training is still handy! 😀