Ya know, it amazes me how some people perceive things. What I take away from a piece of art is usually, it’s a piece of art and I like it. Especially something as simple as this:

unnamed (2)

What I don’t see is how someone can take it as a political statement? Okay. If I wanted to read further in depth to the the piece, I probably could. But honestly? Really??? It’s a drawing of a wonder woman van. I never saw anyone get worked up over a van with a Star Wars mural on it????

And then the quizzes on Facebook. *facepalm* They are fun and entertaining, not to be taken seriously. I’m a geek, I was all woohoo when I got my answer. And then…. some ppl take the whole thing a bit to far.  The numbering system, seriously, is probably what the writer of the quiz came up with!

Screen Cap of what I got! 😉

unnamedsee my inner geek comes through! lol 😀
unnamed (1)



OI *double facepalm* this morning! Ya know, Here’s Wonder Woman!

unnamed (3)

A huge Thank you to Bobby Mac for the Wonder Woman pic!! You’re awesome! 😉