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Calendar day; January 22, 2015

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Thursday, the 22nd of January, 2015 is the 22th day in 2015 and in the 4th calendar week.
General Events:
Celebration Of Life Day
January 22, 2015 in the World
Celebration Of Life Day is when we take a step back and truly appreciate our children and grandchildren. Granted, some may do this on an everyday basis, but it’s an opportunity to look at our young ones’ lives from a different angle, think about what it is that makes them truly special, and of course, to lavish treats upon them if we so wish, be it an ice cream or a trip to Disneyland.
It can be easy to forget that our children and grandchildren are people in their own right. You’ve helped them to discover themselves over the years, but you can’t take all the credit. Their life choices are ultimately down to them; sometimes they’ll do you proud, and other times, as is the case with us all, they’ll make mistakes. So be the one who’s there to offer congratulations, or encouragement to pick themselves up when they fall. And above all else, as cheesy as it may sound, show that you love them.
Where is Celebration Of Life Day?
Day of Unity of Ukraine
January 22, 2015 in Ukraine
Day of Unity of Ukraine is observed on January 22, 2015. The Unification Act (Ukrainian: Act Zluky) was an agreement signed on January 22, 1919 by the Ukrainian People’s Republic and the West Ukrainian People’s Republic on the St. Sophia Square in Kiev. Since 1999 the Day of Unity of Ukraine, celebrated every year on 22 January to mark the signing of the treaty, is a state holiday; it is not a public holiday.
Where is Day of Unity of Ukraine?
Nationwide Ukraine
Women’s Healthy Weight Day
January 22, 2015 in the World
One for the ladies, and a day for husbands to squirm, perhaps. Whilst waking your spouse on Women’s Healthy Weight Day to proclaim your whole-hearted approval of her size may garner some testing looks, it is unequivocally an occasion for female empowerment. Though now an international affair, unsurprisingly it originated in the United States, where whooping it up whilst tipping the scales can be done with a unique Stateside joie de vivre.
For the rest of the world it has become a more modest day of reflection and a chance to highlight the lady behind the shallow stereotypes they often suffer. In short, it’s a day for the gals get together and celebrate one another in any way they choose. Brunch, barbecue, cheese and wine? At the risk of stating the obvious, it might also be renamed International Diet Amnesty Day. Or for the gents, International Walking On Eggshells Day!
Where is this event?
National Answer Your Cat’s Questions Day
January 22, 2015 in the USA
It’s National Answer Your Cat’s Questions Day! Ever wondered why your feline companion acts a certain way or starts meowing at you for no apparent reason? Today is the day to unravel the mystery!
Cats and humans have a long and illustrious history of cohabitation. Historians believe that cats were domesticated as early as 12,000 years ago, but we still don’t fully understand each other.
To participate in National Answer Your Cat’s Questions Day, heighten your awareness of your cat’s needs and recognize when he or she trying to ask you something.
Where is this event?
Nationwide USA
National Blonde Brownie Day
January 22, 2015 in the USA
National Blonde Brownie Day is a special day that is set aside to bake and eat blonde brownies.
What’s a blonde brownie, you ask? Well, as their name implies, traditional brownies are a dark brown. To make blonde brownies, light brown sugar is used in the recipe in place of dark brown chocolate.
On National Blonde Brownie Day, its your right and responsibility to bake blonde brownies, and to eat them. If you don’t have time to bake today, buy some and eat a few extra blonde brownies.
Note: The use of nuts and frosting on your brownies is optional.
Where is this event?
Nationwide USA
Historical Events on 22nd January:
871 – Battle of Basing: Danish invasion army beats Saxon Ethelred of Wessex
1506 – The first contingent of 150 Swiss Guards arrive at the Vatican.
1690 – Iroquois tribes renew allegiance to British against French
1771 – Spain cedes Falkland Islands to Britain
1824 – Ashantis defeat British forces in the Gold Coast
1840 – New Zealand Company settlers arrive aboard the Aurora at Te Whanganui a Tara, which becomes Port Nicholson, Wellington
1879 – Zulu warriors attack British Army camp in Isandhlwana South Africa
1879 – Battle at Rorke’s Drift: British garrison of 150 holds off 3,000-4,000 Zulu warriors
1881 – Ancient Egyptian obelisk “Cleopatra’s Needle” erected in Central Park, New York
1903 – The Hay-Herran Treaty concerning the USA’s right to the Panama Canal is signed by the Colombian Charge d’affaires in Washington DC (never ratified)
1905 – In St Petersburg, Russia, a large demonstration of workers led by Father Gapon, march to the Winter Palace with a petition to the Tsar; troops fire on protesters in what becomes known as ‘Bloody Sunday
1918 – Ukraine proclaimed a free republic (German puppet)
1931 – Sir Isaac Isaacs is sworn in as the first Australian-born Governor-General of Australia
1946 – US president sets up CIA, Central Intelligence Agency
1959 – USAF concludes that less than 1% of UFOs are unknown objects
1962 – The Organization of American States suspends Cuba’s membership.
1964 – World’s largest cheese (15,723 kg) manufactured in Wisconsin for New York’s World Fair
1973 – Roe vs Wade: US Supreme Court legalizes some abortions
1982 – 75% of North America is covered by snow
1987 – Pennsylvania politician R. Budd Dwyer shoots and kills himself at a press conference on live national television, leading to debates on boundaries in journalism.
1992 – Princess Sarah Ferguson wears paper bag over her head on airline ride
1999 – Australian missionary Graham Staines and his two sons are burned alive by radical Hindus while sleeping in their car in Eastern India.
2001 – The British government launches pro-vaccine campaign


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