I’m working on my story when my usual plot bunny types hop up on my desk! “HI! Play wit me! C’mon! You know you want too!” and then I swear I can see their little noses twitching.

I’ve spoken to a few other writer friends, and 3 out 4 of us, well we want more coffee! Duh! [_]>  😉

and the fourth, “listen to the bunny.” yeah she’s really helpful! LOL

Could you ignore this cutey??


so… after another email to my lovely beta! I’ve decided to listen to the bunny, and I’m writing an interlude; daydream lol now whether this makes it to the plot bunny site… well that’s on ya’ll. LOL leave comments, if you want to read it, and I’m slightly easy, I won’t ever say I’m easy. LOL 😛 So more than three comments, it will be published after I’ve written it, and Ms. Awesome proofs it!!