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So yesterday was not a good day for me. I ended up having to leave work and had hubs take me to the ER. Good news; it wasn’t a cardiac issue, I had worked myself up in a really bad anxiety attack. I have a history of them.

The semi-good news? My carpal tunnel is/has returned in my dominant arm-why that arm went numb yesterday. Which started the anxiety attack. duh  So I’ve got a compression glove on it for the time being, until I can find my brace I used to wear before the surgery eight years ago.

anywho I promised some friends that I would write this up and post on the blog today.

treatment for carpal tunnel syndrome


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Calendar day; February 5, 2015

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Thursday, the 5th of February, 2015 is the 36th day in 2015 and in the 6th calendar week.
General Events:
***In the dreary winter days of February winter (at least here in Canada) thought it would be helpful to start with a heart lighten (however admittingly odorous) event.
February 5, 2015 in the World
Did-You-Fart?-Day takes place on February 05, 2015. This day should remind you of a phenomenon often repressed your own existence. Did-You-Fart?-Day is celebrated since 2006 and was first proclaimed by the German cartoonist Bastian
Flatulence is defined in the medical literature as “flatus expelled through the anus” or the “quality or state of being flatulent”, which is defined in turn as “marked by or affected with gases generated in the intestine or stomach; likely to cause digestive flatulence.”
There are five general symptoms related to intestinal gas: pain, bloating and abdominal distension, excessive flatus volume, excessive flatus smell and gas incontinence. One method of reducing the volume of flatus produced is dietary modification, reducing the amount of fermentable carbohydrates.
Where is the event?
Constitution Day (Mexico)
February 5, 2015 in Mexico
National Holiday in Mexico it celebrates the ratification of the Constitution of 1917, adopted after the Mexican Revolution.
The 1917 Constitution was drafted in Santiago de Queretaro during the Mexican Revolution. It was approved by the Constitutional Congress on 5 February 1917, with Venustiano Carranza serving as the first president.
The Mexican constitution of 1917 was the first such constitution in the world to include social rights and served as a model for the Weimar Constitution of 1919 and the Russian Constitution of 1918.
All government offices, schools and businesses are closed on this day. Constitution Day is marked by large parades across Mexico.
Article 74 of the Mexican labor law (Ley Federal del Trabajo) provides that the first Monday of February (regardless the date) will be an official holiday in Mexico. This was a modification of the law made in 2005, effective since 2006; before, it was the February 5th regardless of the day.
Where is Constitution Day?
Nationwide Mexico
Weatherperson’s Day
February 5, 2015 in the USA
National Weatherperson’s Day is celebrated on February 05, 2015. National Weatherperson’s Day, also known as National Weatherman’s Day, is a holiday observed primarily in the United States. It recognizes individuals in the fields of meteorology, weather forecasting and broadcast meteorology, as well as volunteer storm spotters and observers. It is observed on the birthday of John Jeffries, one of the United States’ first weather observers who took daily measurements from 1774 to 1816.
Where is the event?
Nationwide USA
National Chocolate Fondue Day
February 5, 2015 in the USA
The word “fondue” is derived from the French word “fondre,” which means to melt. The dish originated in 19th century Switzerland as a way to use up hardened cheese. It became popular for dinner parties in the 1950s, but the chocolate dessert version did not emerge until the 1960s.
Chocolate fondue is a wonderful centerpiece for a party. Traditional dippers include fresh fruits such as bananas, strawberries, and tangerines; small pieces of cookie or cake; and miscellaneous goodies like marshmallows and pretzels.
Celebrate National Chocolate Fondue Day by inviting some friends over to dip your favorite fruits and snacks into a delicious chocolate fondue!
Where is the event?
Nationwide USA
Historical Events on 5th February:
1572 – Beggars assault Oisterwijk Neth, drive nuns out
1597 – A group of early Japanese Christians are killed by the new government of Japan for being seen as a threat to Japanese society.
1663 – Charlevoix Earthquake in Quebec, felt strongly in New England
1783 – Earthquakes ravage Calabria, killing 30,000
1818 – Jean-Baptiste Bernadotte ascends to the thrones of Sweden and Norway.
1850 – Adding machine employing depressible keys patented, New Paltz, NY
1879 – Joseph Swan demonstrates light bulb using carbon glow
1885 – King Leopold II of Belgium establishes the Congo as a personal colonial possession
1900 – The United States and the United Kingdom sign treaty for Panama Canal
1904 – American occupation of Cuba ends
1917 – The last of the American troops commanded by General John Pershing leave Mexico; President Carranza will be assassinated within the next year
1922 – Reader’s Digest magazine 1st published
1924 – The Royal Greenwich Observatory begin broadcasting the hourly time signals known as the Greenwich Time Signal or the “BBC pips”.
1948 – “Nature of Things” science show premieres on NBC prime time
1962 – Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter & Saturn within 16 degrees
1972 – US airlines begin mandatory inspection of passengers & baggage
1980 – Egyptian parliament votes to end boycott of Israel
1996 – British supermarket chains stock genetically modified tomato puree – the first GM food to be sold in the country


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