So who remembers this post? Yep, I have had quite a few to decide from. When I saw this this morning, on my desk!


With a note from hubs; ‘Take me!’ LOL 😀  it’s still a bit a ways, but yep! This Wondie Wins!
He’s not as geeky/nerdy as I am, so I’m happy he’s been paying attention to my silliness!
& I’ve come up with a special award/badge for the day! Yep!

the hash tag is: #AFWD2015   and if you’re following me on FB, twitter or instagram @ me to your pix! Or add a comment to the post that I’ll be making that day, I’m seeing who has as much fun as me! That Blog post will be updated throughout the day! 😉 So there will be a badge for participating from me, and then an Award for the most posts that day! And yes, I have Randy’s permission to be doing this!