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It’s good for what ails you. No, seriously, if you are a creative person, than being creative helps you get healthier faster. Okay, that’s just my opinion. But as part of Distress Tolerance from DBT, yep! It’s very helpful to get your mind back to a nominal level. 😉

I’ve been working on my sequel story today, and I’ve done pretty good so far today, I’m up to 2293 words. Which is 1793 then I had the other day! I’ve gotten it to a good stopping point for now, and I’m thinking I need some food and a break.

I hope everyone has had a lovely weekend!


diabetes suck…


aka my health issue yesterday and today…

So apparently I passed out on hubs last evening, I don’t remember. And he says I was unresponsive. He checked my blood sugar and it was um…high. He called for an ambulance. By the time they arrived, I was up and coherent again. Did my own orientation, knew who I was, where I was, and other pertinent stuff. Only thing I don’t remember was falling out. oops

Anywho checked my sugar later and yep, still really high, it went up to over 300 at one point, I did some exercising, meditation, etc and it finally went down. My own stress was not helping. Once I got it back down, I decided to sleep. And that seemed to help too. Today, not so bad. But I’m still having moments of wooziness. I don’t know what caused it to spike that high and so fast. ???? But today I am taking it easier. Staying unstressed and watching it.


until later, be mindful and stay warm!

ps- to all my friends on Facebook and Twitter, thank you very much! Your thoughts, prayers and good vibes have been very helpful! Blessed Be,  love and light, Namaste!




Calendar day; February 22, 2015

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Sunday, the 22nd of February, 2015 is the 53th day in 2015 and in the 8th calendar week
General Events:
Be Humble Day
February 22, 2015 in the World
Be Humble Day is always observed worldwide on the 22nd day of February each year.
Humility may be the most difficult of all the virtues to truly attain. There seems to be a paradox in that claiming to have humility may be an act of pride. Some people might be prideful in their humility… or something like that. Either way, Be Humble Day focuses on humbling yourself. There is no boasting allowed on Be Humble Day. Choosing not to brag about your successes and abilities can prove to be much more difficult than one might anticipate, as the culture surrounding us is often centered on self and the successes achieved by an individual. Throughout the ages philosophers and the average Joe alike have pondered humility and what it means to be truly humble. It is a difficult question to answer and the final answer may never fully present itself. But perhaps the seeking of humility is more important than the achieving.
The observance of Be Humble Day can be gone about in many ways, but all the avenues of observance should maintain the quietness associated with humility. There should be no loud proclamations of the fact that you’re celebrating Be Humble Day, as that would ruin the point. The first step is simply to bear in mind to be humble. If you keep that focus then the rest may follow along after quite simply.
C.S. Lewis, best known for his beloved Chronicles of Narnia book series, said that “True humility is not thinking less of yourself; it is thinking of yourself less.”
Where is Be Humble Day ?
World Thinking Day
February 22, 2015 in the World
 World Thinking Day is celebrated every year around the world on 22nd February by Girl Scouts and Girl Guides. The day is celebrated to appreciate the help and guidance of brothers and sisters around the world. On a larger perspective, it is a day to think about fellow brothers and sisters around the world, address their concerns and understand the true meaning of guiding.
Originally called the Thinking Day, the day was first celebrated in 1926. It was during the 4th conference of Girl Guides in USA that the idea of having a day for appreciating girl guides and scouts around the world was pitched. After discussion, 22nd February was mutually chosen as the World Thinking Day. February 22 is also the birth date of Lord Baden-Powell, which is credited with starting the Boy Scout movement.  In 1999, during the 30th Girl Scout conference in Belgian, the name was changed to World Thinking Day to signify the global impact of it.
There are quite a few traditions associated with World Thinking day. For example, in Auckland, New Zealand, girl scouts and girl guides climb Mount Eden and wave the Guide World Flag. They also sing the World Song and thank each other about their help and support.
In other parts of the world, girl scouts from different nations meet and discuss their founders and their colleagues. In fact, the celebration of the day starts from the nearest weekend of the day, when girl guides and scouts meet up to express their thankfulness and take pledges to support the community as long as they can.
Another tradition associated with the day is that of lighting a candle by the window pane by an ex-girl scout. The light from the candle stands for guiding light and signifies the guiding light acting as illumination in the darkness, where darkness stands for problems and illumination stands for solutions. Over the past few years, The World Association for Girl Guides and Scouts has started adopting themes for the day. These themes are then discussed in their conferences and suggestions are made to help solve global problems. In 2005, the theme was “Think About Food”, while in 2012, the theme was “We can Save our Planet”. Other themes that have been incorporated till date are “Do something about adolescent health issues”, “Discover your potential”, “Think about water”, “Stop the spread of diseases”, “Together we can end poverty” and “empowering girls will change the world.”
Although the day is largely celebrated by girl scouts, in some parts, even the boy scouts celebrate the day. It was in 1932 that the World Thinking Day Fund was established. It was suggested that since the day falls on Lord Powell’s birthday, it should be about giving gifts and presents. Hence, a fund was set up whereby girl scouts could give voluntary donations in order to help the needy around the world.
Where is the event?
Walking the Dog Day
February 22, 2015 in the World
Walking the Dog Day is celebrated on February 22, 2015. Go out with your dog on this day and don’t tell them to do it alone … Dog walking is both a pastime and a profession involving the act of a person walking with a dog, typically from the dog’s residence and then returning. This constitutes part of the daily exercise regime needed to keep a dog healthy. It also provides exercise and companionship for the walker.
Dogs are walked with a collar around their neck, or a dog harness, or by following their owner by familiarity and verbal control. Commonly the dog is walked by the owner, or another family member, but there are also professional dog walkers. A study by Michigan State University showed that people who walk their dogs are 34% more likely to meet expected levels of exercise, with a recommended level of 150 minutes of activity such as dog walking per week.
Did you Know? “Walking the Dog” is a yo-yo trick. So, if you have a Yo-Yo, you can celebrate the day by “walking the dog” with your yo-yo.
Where is the event?
National Margarita Day
February 22, 2015 in the USA
The margarita cocktail—a famous concoction of tequila, Cointreau or Triple Sec, and lime juice—has been around since the 1940s. Every bartender in the world has put a unique spin on this classic, but no one knows who created the original.
Dozens of people claim that they invented the margarita, including a bartender named Willie from Mexico City. He said that in 1934 he created and named the drink for his friend Marguerite Hemery. Another popular legend is that Carlos “Danny” Herrera developed the drink at his restaurant in Tijuana in 1938. He invented it for Marjorie King, a customer who was allergic to all hard alcohol except tequila, and didn’t like its sour taste. Another story is that the Dallas socialite Margarita Sames mixed up the drink in 1948 for a house full of guests. One of them was Tommy Hilton who later added the drink to the bar menu at his hotels.
While the true identity of the tequila master may never be known, the margarita will go down in history as one of the most popular mixed drinks of all time. To celebrate National Margarita Day, invite some friends over and enjoy a pitcher of homemade margaritas!
Where is the event?
Nationwide USA
Historical Events on 22nd February:
1630 – Indians introduce pilgrims to popcorn, at Thanksgiving
1774 – British House of Lords rules authors do not have perpetual copyright
1797 – The Last Invasion of Britain by the French, begins near Fishguard, Wales.
1821 – Spain sells (east) Florida to United States for $5 million
1825 – Russia & Britain establish Alaska-Canada boundary
1865 – Tennessee adopts a new constitution abolishing slavery
1882 – The Serbian kingdom is refounded.
1888 – John Reid of Scotland demonstrates golf to Americans (Yonkers NY)
1900 – Hawaii became a US territory
1911 – The Canadian Parliament resolves to maintain union with the British Empire, while controlling domestic fiscal affairs
1917 – [NS Mar 7] Russian February Revolution begins with strike at Putilov factory in Petrograd
1979 – St Lucia gains independence from Britain
1983 – Hindus kill 3000 Moslems in Assam, India
1986 – Start of the People Power Revolution in the Philippines.
1989 – Finish ministry of Public health installs sex vacation to thwart stress
1995 – Algiers police kill at least 99 prison rioters
1997 – Dolly the sheep, world’s first cloned mamual (from an adult cell) existence announced by the Roslin Institute in Scotland
2006 – At least six men stage Britain’s biggest robbery ever, stealing £53m (about $92.5 million or 78€ million) from a Securitas depot in Tonbridge, Kent.


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