Friday, the 27th of February, 2015 is the 58th day in 2015 and in the 9th calendar week.

General Events:

International STAND UP to Bullying Day
February 27, 2015 in the World

International STAND UP to Bullying Day takes place on February 27, 2015. International STAND UP to Bullying Day is a special semi-annual event in which participants sign and wear a pink “pledge shirt” to take a visible, public stance against bullying. The event takes place in schools, workplaces, and organizations in 25 countries across the globe on the third Friday of November to coincide with Anti-bullying week, and then again on the last Friday of February.

Where is the event?

International Polar Bear Day
February 27, 2015 in the World

International Polar Bear Day is a holiday celebrated every February 27 to raise awareness about the conservation status of the polar bear. International Polar Bear Day is organized by Polar Bears International to raise awareness about the impact of global warming and reduced sea ice on polar bear populations. The holiday encourages people to find ways to reduce their carbon output.

The polar bear is classified as a vulnerable species, with eight of the nineteen polar bear subpopulations in decline. For decades, large scale hunting raised international concern for the future of the species but populations rebounded after controls and quotas began to take effect.

According to the World Wildlife Fund, the polar bear is important as an indicator of arctic ecosystem health. Polar bears are studied to gain understanding of what is happening throughout the Arctic, because at-risk polar bears are often a sign of something wrong with the arctic marine ecosystem.

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No Brainer Day
February 27, 2015 in the World

No Brainer Day is celebrated on February 27, 2015. It’s easy to celebrate it: just be happy about its existance! No-brainer is a term used to denote a problem that allegedly has a very easy solution obvious to all. The term originated in engineering jargon, but grew in popularity during the 1990s and 2000s, and is now common in business environments. The claim that a problem is a “no-brainer” may be a way to shut down dissent.

No Brainer Day is observed with the purpose to free your brain from tired and complex assignments. This is a break day for easy to solve and simple problems. Though it’s not allowed to be lazy for working, a small amount of time spent on idling is very beneficial for health as well as working status.

On No Brainer Day, you are allowed to postpone things in a positive way. Thanks to this, you are able to have more time to think things thoroughly and clearly. Sometimes, fast decisions can lead to bad consequences that make us regret. Unlike other events, there is neither party nor festival on No Brainer Day. With the aim of relaxing, this event encourages you to go to bed early and enjoy a healthy night with enough sleep. It will help you improve your memory, refresh your brain. You have rights to treat yourself well in this event.

Where is the event?

National Kahlua Day
February 27, 2015 in the USA

Kahlua is a rich, creamy alcoholic liqueur from Mexico. People enjoy it straight up, on the rocks, and mixed in coffee or cocktails (like the White Russian). Kahlua is also used to flavor desserts such as ice cream, cakes, and cheesecakes.

The word “kahlua” means “house of the Acolhua people” in the Nahuatl language. A company named Domecq has produced the drink since 1936 and named it for the native people of Veracruz. Kahlua is made with rum, Mexican coffee, sugar, and vanilla.

To celebrate National Kahlua Day, mix up your favorite Kahlua cocktail or bake a divine Kahlua-flavored cake to share with friends!

Where is the event?
Nationwide USA

Historical Events on 27th February:

837 – 15th recorded perihelion passage of Halley’s Comet

1626 – Yuan Chonghuan is appointed Governor of Liaodong, after he led the Chinese into a great victory against the Manchurians under Nurhaci

1700 – Pacific Island of New Britain discovered

1803 – Great fire in Bombay, India

1827 – 1st Mardi Gras celebration in New Orleans

1844 – Dominican Republic gains independence from Haiti (National Day)

1879 – Constantine Fahlberg discovers saccharin (artificial sweetener)

1900 – In London, the Trades Union Congress and the Independent Labour Party (formed in 1893) meet, resulting in a Labour Representative Committee and eventually the modern Labour Party in 1906

1922 – Supreme Court unanimously upheld 19th amend woman’s right to vote

1933 – The Reichstag, German parliament building, destroyed by fire; it was set by the Nazis, who blamed it on Communists

1938 – Britain & France recognize Franco government in Spain

1939 – Borley Rectory, “the most haunted house in England”, destroyed in a fire

1942 – J S Hey discovers radio emissions from Sun

1949 – Chaim Weizmann becomes 1st President of Israel

1950 – General Chiang Kai-shek elected president of Nationalist China

1957 – Mao’s famous speech to the Supreme State Conference “On Correct Handling of Contradictions Among People” expounding Maoist ideals

1964 – The government of Italy asks for help to keep the Leaning Tower of Pisa from toppling over.

1967 – Dominica gains independence from England

1970 – NY Times (falsely) reports US army has ended domestic surveillance

1980 – Israel & Egypt exchange ambassadors

1991 – Gulf War ends after Iraqi troops retreat and Kuwait is re-taken by the US

1998 – Britain’s House of Lords agree’s to end 1,000 years of male preference by giving a monarch’s first-born daughter the same claim to the throne as any first born son