Ok I’m up to chapter nine on the sequel.

I’ve tried changing up my writing style- so NOT working for me. I do a lot of dialogue, and then go back and add in the details. I’ve tried to do it normally I’m stifling myself.
So back to my style! Woot.
I took a nice walk at lunch, had some coffee, and viola after I stopped fighting my natural style, the words are flowing again. That’s what I love about writing, and even more on a computer. I can write my dialogue, and then go back and add in the little details.
for those of you that write, do you have a peculiar writing style, my friend’s have told me I have a peculiar style. Some people focus on the big picture, others on the minute details. Me, I like the dialogue. I’m learning to stick to what works for me and not stifle my creativity. What works for one, doesn’t work for everyone. I’m definitely not like everyone else. LOL 😀
I’ll be moving onto Chapter ten next, dialogue and then adding in the detail bit.

Woohoo! and that writer’s block is gone! I can see the light and hear my bunnies! lol 🙂